Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is one of those cheeses people either love or just don?t think they enjoy. I am fascinated with the plethora of Blue Cheeses in the stores these days. This tells me people are taking the plunge and experimenting with this veined wonder. Creamy, mild, smoked, robustly salty and Blue Bries take you to different and exquisite flavor experiences. Most think when they taste a Blue Cheese, that?s what all of it is like. Oh no, the breadth of Blue is gigantic and fabulous enjoyed with Frescobaldi Nipozzano Chianti R?fina Riserva DOCG.

The story goes that Blue Cheese was accidentally discovered. A young man and a young woman were frolicking and he threw his satchel loaded with cheese and rye bread into a cave and forgot about it. When he went back to retrieve his belongings, the cave?s molds and conditions worked with the mold on the rye bread (Penicillium roqueforti ) and the cheese to supposedly produce the world?s first Blue Cheese. Today, Blue Cheese is made all over the world. In the famous caves of Roquefort, France to the caves and cellars of Wisconsin and even the Island of cheese is flourishing.

When one of my students tells me they don?t like Blue Cheese I will encourage them to explore. Try a creamy style mild blue or a Blue Brie...these can bring you into a world you?ll be happy to have discovered. Or, try drizzling the Blue Cheese with honey or olive oil. There are also Blue Cheeses available from a variety of milks. The classic Roquefort is Sheep?s milk and Blue Cheese from cow and event goat?s milk will rock your palate?all in a different way.

Don?t forget to do The Cheese Highway? with your wine and several of the huge variety of Blue will discover a heightened sense of flavors and perhaps some new cheeses for your cheese repertoire. Cheese is an adventure...go for it!