Castiglioni Rosato Toscana

Frescoabldi Castiglioni Rosato Toscana fine Italian wine from Tuscany, Italy

This blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is produced from grapes harvested from vineyards in Tenuta Castiglioni, located in the town of Montespertoli, near Florence, an area usually characterized by early ripening of its vines. This wine, providing a lovely claret-pink color, offers a vigorous palate showing a tasty array of flavours that are more than appealing with a clean, nicely sustained finish.

Tasting Notes
A lovely claret-pink in appearance. Although its nose is quite straightforward, it conveys crisp, clean impressions of blackberry and dark cherry, attractively graced with fragrant hints of violets. The entrance is vigorous, the palate showing a tasty array of flavours that are more than appealing; the finish is clean, well delineated, and nicely sustained.
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Food Pairing Suggestions
Frittate and quiche stuffed with asparagus or artichokes, cold dishes such as seafood or potato salads, pasta timbales with vegetable sauces.
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