Giramonte is Tenuta di Castiglioni’s single-vineyard cru, produced in limited quantities from Merlot and Sangiovese. A rich, luminous red, it boasts a surprisingly ample, complex bouquet and velvet-smooth palate.

Tasting Notes – 2007
Giramonte is purple-rimmed ruby red to the eye; so intense as to be almost opaque. Intense aromas of wild cherry and blackberry, both fresh-picked and as preserves, in addition to roasted hazelnuts, espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla, and cocoa butter, with spicy impressions of clove. Rich and smooth in the mouth, with an emphatic suite of
smooth, velvety tannins and very lengthy development and finish.

Food Pairing Suggestions
Ideal with all roasts, grills, and barbecues, and with sauteed fillets of beef, but try it with delicate cheeses as well.

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Ratings & Reviews
2006 Vintage
97 points – Wine Spectator, October 31, 2008
91 points – Wine Advocate #184, August 2009

2005 Vintage
94 points – Wine Spectator, Web Only, 2007
89 points – Wine Advocate #177, June 2008

2004 Vintage
94 points – Wine Spectator, October 31, 2006
90 points – Wine Advocate, June 2007

2003 Vintage
91 points – Wine Spectator, October 31, 2005

Vintage Notes – 2006
As it began, the harvest 2006 looked very encouraging, since the growing season had been so favorable. The spring months brought temperate conditions, with little rain and no heat stress; this in turn contributed substantially to sound, healthy fruit. At the end of May there was a sudden drop in temperatures; although it did
no damage, the vine growth process was slowed and fruit set affected negatively. The result was looser clusters, with fewer grapes, but the clusters were healthier. July brought
high temperatures, but August turned cool, with moderate rainfall, temperature phenomena that ensure, in both red and white grape varieties, excellent concentrations of aromatic compounds, both intense and complex. Light rains during the summer provided the vines with enough moisture to undergo veraison (change of color) without problem. Sunny, crisp, dry days in September and October were crucial in developing in the grapes all of the qualities necessary for the production of wines of unsurpassed quality and fine

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