Entertaining Impresario Style

Cheese with wine is a magical combination but it can be challenging. We?e probably all tasted a cheese with a wine that made the wine not taste so great. I want each cheese and wine pairing to sing. I want the wine to put the cheese on a pedestal and each wine to put the cheese on a pedestal. Next month we will have a chart that will help you map out your parties for deliciousness on all fronts. Until then…try The Cheese Highway?

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The Cheese Highway?

In Europe the way people get the most out of pairing cheese and wine is to put the cheese in their mouth and chew. They then take a gulp of wine keeping their mouth full and chew it all up intoyell I guess I? call it a cheese and wine slush. Then they swallow. And get a great pairing.

Not so in our country. We are taught such ridged table manners that making a slush in your mouth and chewing would not have been cool with Mom and Dad. Okay…how could I get that taste sensation jolt that the cheese mixed in with the wine gives while keeping to our Emily Post politeness?

Enter The Cheese Highway? This is the procedure you can teach your friends and thrill them with your knowledge and sense of pure delicious fun.

Okay…take a piece of cheese. Look at it and admire it just like you do with your wine. What color is it? What is the rind like? Is it soft and runny or hard? Now, take a little bit of your cheese and rub it between your fingers to get it warmed up. Now smell it. Think of what flavors come to mind. Is it mushrooms, fresh cream, nutty, earthy or sweet? Something will strike you.

Now do the same with your wine – Just leave out the part of rubbing it between your fingers. Look at the color, stick your nose way in the glass and smell.  When swirl the glass and smell again. Remember, 80% of taste is smell that snozz is an important tool.

Here? the best part. Take your piece of cheese and make The Cheese Highway?on your tongue. It will really happen naturally when you chew the cheese while your are chewing your cheese get your glass of wine ready to roll. Now…throw the wine down The Cheese Highway?and taste how your cheese and wine come together in the back of your mouth for a turbo-charged experience. This is the way cheese and wine is supposed to taste. You will get the maximum benefit out of this new tasting tool.

I was on E! Entertainment News doing The Cheese Highway?with the television star Julie Benz from Exter. She loved it and so will you and your family and friends when you teach them this fun and amazing way to get the most out of pairing beautiful cheeses with beautiful wines.