Gouda is a fine pairing with Nipozzano Chianti Rufina Riserva DOCG. When I drilled down into tasting unique Gouda-style cheeses and enjoying them with this marvelous wine, I discovered Beemster from Holland. This rich and creamy cheese is made from cow? milk from the local family farms in what? called the Beemster Polder. This was originally a lake that was reclaimed from 1608-1612 and it sits 20 feet below sea level. Talk about unique terroir! Just like the terroir in Tuscany where you can taste the complexity in the wine. With this cheese you can actually savor a bit of the sea and the earth where the cattle graze on the pesticide-free grasses, herbs and flowers.
Beemster makes a wide variety of cheeses. Vlaskaas is their newest cheese but the recipe is historic. It was recently revived and people are raving about this fruity but robust cheese. Beemster Classic that? aged at least 18 months also tastes terrific with Nipozzano Chianti R?na Riserva DOCG. This cheese? complex flavors with a light caramel finish bring out the dark fruit flavors of the wine then mingle in your mouth for total pleasure. This is a big flavored cheese. When properly executing The Cheese Highway, you might even be able to get in two sips of wine with each bite of cheese. Enjoy!