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Young Cheese, Young Wine

Wine with everything is my motto and wine with pizza is no exception. Remole Tocana IGT is an everyday fun young wine that’s made from Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. These grapes carefully blended and vinified into this terrific Tuscan liquid. For this pizza, I’m pairing a young wine with a young cheese. Let’s make …


Early Fall Harvest Dinner

Celebrate Harvest with this delicious menu: Antipasto: A selection of mixed salami’s such as Mortadella, juniper flavored ham or salami seasoned with aniseed. Primi Piatti: Grilled Polenta w/ Mushrooms The polenta and mushrooms can be prepared ahead of time and finished when guests arrive. Click here for recipe Secondi Piatti: Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Chard …


The Racetrack Pizza

We?e off to the races! The racetrack-shaped pizza, that is. By Barrie Lynn ?The Cheese Impresario I was in Seattle visiting my family when I had the pleasure of enjoying several of Chef Tom Douglas’s pizzas at his Serious Pie restaurant. Tom is a hero in the world of food and has a slew of …



Asiago (ah-zee-AH-goh) is a cow’s milk cheese first made in the northern Veneto region of Italy. Its crafted in two flavor and texture profiles. One is Pressato, the fresh Asiago. The other is the big flavored aged Asiago, Asiago d’Allevo. The fresher version will be a light straw color; with a semi-soft texture plus it …


Toma Cheese

Toma (toe-ma) Cheese from Vercelli, Italy Toma is one of the classic cheeses of Piedmonte in Northern Italy. I had some beautiful examples of this cheese when The Cheese Impresario visited the Vercelli region in this friendly, beautiful and off the beaten track area. Vercelli is also known for its rice in many forms including …

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