How to Enjoy Wine: A Guide for Would-Be Sommeliers

Close up of a young man tasting red wine in a vineyard during sunset

If your experience with wine is limited to Communion wine or the sugary sweet wine that tastes much like grape juice, you’re in the right place. Whether you prefer red or white, dry or sweet, bubbly or not, we’ve got everything you need to know about how to enjoy wine. Read on … Read more

Decorating Tips for a Wine Tasting Party

A wine tasting party is a pleasant and festive way of gathering your friends. Because wine is your highlight, use it to plan your party’s decorations. For example, you may choose a theme for your party depending on the area of wines you’ve picked and include that region in your decorations. Add … Read more

Wine Education

Wine is not just what you pour into a glass. Each bottle has its own history, tradition, sensuality, uniqueness, and story. This can be both wonderful and wonderfully confusing. Varietals, labels, regions, and classifications can present the wine consumer with endless question and doubt. Tuscany Tonight helps to solve that dilemma by … Read more

Wine Terms Made Easy

Abboccato – Medium-sweet and full bodied Amabile – Medium-sweet Annata – Vintage Azienda (or Casa) agricola – An estate that uses its own grapes in production of its wines Azienda (or Casa) vinicola – A producer who buys in and vinifies, usually a large scale operation Azienda (or Casa) vitivinicola – An … Read more

From Vineyard to Cellar

Winemaking is both an art and a science, as it combines the creative hand of the winemaker with the chemical-focused process of grape fermentation. The fermentation process for almost all types wine is fairly straightforward: yeast is added first to grape juice, and then the yeast consumes the grape’s sugars and converts … Read more

Tuscan Grape Varietals

Tuscan wine is considered as one of the best types of wine in the world, and its unique and outstanding flavor is attributed to the grapes used to make it. There are different types of grapes that are utilized to make Tuscan wine, and each type would often present a different flavor … Read more

Super Tuscans

Simply put, Super Tuscans are the premium wines of the IGT classification. As with most great wine classifications, there’s much more to the story. Originally, the term “Super Tuscan” referred to any Tuscan red wine that did not adhere to traditional regional blending laws. Unlike the traditional Toscanas, Super Tuscans blended with … Read more

Reading the Label

The most important thing to remember when reading an Italian wine label is to not panic. Most labels are getting easier to read but there are still a lot out there that are totally and completely confusing. But rest assured – there are a few things you can use to navigate through … Read more