White, golden, orange…these are the colors of mouthwatering Cheddar Cheese. Cheddar Cheese is also made using a variety of wrappings, rinds, textures and flavors. This is a type of cheese that can make an entire party by enjoying the pleasures of the vast differences in look and taste. Years ago in England, where Cheddar first was made, cows ate fresh green grasses and herbs and their milk was kind of orange. This was caused by the vitamin D in the plants. When the cows were on winter feed the cheese was white. In comes the coloring agent annatto. Teeny amounts of this flavorless natural orange addition made every month’s cheese the same color. To me, the color makes no difference…it? the taste that counts.

Cheddar is made utilizing an extra step in the cheesemaking process called cheddaring. This is when the curds are continually cut up and pressed together to “dry out” the curds. Then they are milled to make them into very fine particles before they are put in the molds. When you bite into a Cheddar Cheese you can feel the little grains and taste the skills of the cheesemaker.

I?e enjoyed Cheddar cheese as young as two days in the form of Fresh Cheddar Cheese Curds up to a 12-Year aged majesty. All the way up the age range, each one was a delight and a delight with Nipozzano Chianti R?na Riserva DOCG.

Countries all over the world are making fine examples of Cheddar from England, Ireland, Australia and the United States. Cheddars from our country are sweeping the international awards and cheesemakers are now super aging their cheddars for 12 and even 14 years. I?e just tasted a famous Cheddar Cheese from Washington State called Cougar Gold. It has the unique distinction of being canned…yes canned and ultra delicious. It has been reported that this canned cheese will continue to slowly age right in the can and could be opened 50 years from now for a magnificent wine pairing experience.

You can drizzle your Cheddar with honey and separately with olive oil or nut oils. This will give your wine experience other roads to travel down as we explore The Cheese Highway?together. I? suggest purchasing Cheddars of different colors, ages and from different parts of the planet. Open a bottle of Nipozzano and be prepared to go on a Cheddar Adventure. Have fun!