I enjoy exploring different countries when pairing wine with cheese. Why not try Etorki (eh-tor-kee), a French Pyr?es sheep’s milk cheese? Etorki is said to be from a shepherd’s recipe over 4,000 years old. It has a reddish brown rind with a light golden yellow paste.

When I taste this cheese with Nipozzano Chianti R?na Riserva DOCG, I taste the lush richness of the sheep? milk as well as the olivey flavors from this mountain cheese. The wine’s spiciness and fruit are brought together in a mini explosion of flavor when you properly execute The Cheese Highway.

Smell the cheese before you pop it in your mouth. The sweetness and a little hint of barnyard (the good kind) will get you ready. Now smell your Nipozzano and enjoy the dark fruit wafting up into your Snozz. Take a bite of the cheese to make The Cheese Highway on your tongue and take a sip of this Tuscan red wine. With these merging in your mouth, you will experience an adventure of complexity. The expanded flavors will continue to immerge in a nice long finish. Relax and savor this experience.

Etorki is usually available in a hard texture, but not too hard that it can? be thinly sliced. Plate the cheese with salami, prosciutto and several varieties of olives. This easy but beautiful display will disappear quickly as your friends and family devour these tastes while drinking Nipozzano.