Food & Wine Pairings

The wines produced by Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi  and the Frescobaldi estates are truly delightful, as they present amazing flavors by combining and refining high quality wine grapes found in the Tuscany region of Italy. While the wines are quite versatile and can be served on any occasion or paired with any dish, there are several wine connoisseurs that have food and wine pairing recommendations for the products of the Frescobaldi estates. Here are some of the best food pairings for Tuscan wines.

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Castello di Nipozzano Estate Wines

Nipozzano Chianti Rufina Riserva
This refined wine is a great partner for barbecued meat, beef stews, and aged cheeses. Based on the dishes mentioned, it can be said that the Nippozzano is effective in cleansing any strong taste from the palate. 

This burgundy-colored wine can be perfectly paired with roast or grilled lamb, game bird (pheasant), and pan-fried beef. The meats stated can be quite gamy, so the Montesodi is great for reducing their gaminess upon tasting.

The Mormoreto wine is often paired with savory cheeses, as well as main courses or lamb, pork, kid (either baked or stewed), and beef stracotto.

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Castiglioni Estate Wines

Castiglioni Chianti
This wine can be paired with full-flavored dishes, such as meat-sauced pappardelle, roast chicken, sautéed beef with vegetables, and medium-aged cheeses. The powerful flavor of the said dishes can be perfectly balanced by the Castiglioni Chianti.

Tenuta di Castiglioni
The Tenuta di Castiglioni is usually paired with game such as hare and boar, roasted or sautéed beef, roast pork, and full-flavored cheeses.

This dark wine is paired with a wide range of meat dishes, especially stuffed poultry or rabbit, sautéed chicken, and aged cheeses.

You can try the Castiglioni alongside frittata and quiche stuffed with asparagus or artichokes, as well as cold dishes like seafood or potato salads. It can also be paired with pasta timbales with vegetables sauces.

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Castello di Pomino Estate Wines

Pomino Bianco
The Pomino Bianco would pair perfectly with vegetables soups, cream sauces with pasta (no tomato added), cold meat salads with mayonnaise, seafood antipasti, and main courses that feature delicately flavored fish.

Pomino Rosso
This wine can be paired with roasted lamb, grilled pork ribs, aged cheeses, or any dish that has a strong flavor. The Pomino Rosse is particularly known for its complex flavor that can cleanse the palate, so it is perfectly suitable for dishes that can have an overpowering taste.

Pomino Benefizio 

Pimo Benefizio is often paired with a meal that begins with any fish, and then continues with veal or poultry. Also, it can be served with liver terrine (the dish should be a bit warmer than usual), ravioli with vegetables, seafood or roast saddle of rabbit.

Pomino Vendemmia Tardiva
This fine wine can be paired with liver mousse and pate, or herbed cheeses with hazelnut biscuits or cookies. This wine is also best served during the afternoon for snacks or desserts.

Pomino Vinsanto

A sipping wine that should be taken in small amounts, the Pomino Vinsanto is typically paired with nuts and a wide range of sweets and desserts. The Pomino Vinsanto is best served in a large stemmed crystal glass.

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CastelGiocondo Estate Wines

The main CastelGiocondo wine is often paired with end-of-dinner sweets, such as panforte, although it can also be served during lunch or dinner while eating beef stews, braised meats with potatoes, large game such as boar, and cheeses that are aged but not too pungent.

Campo ai Sassi
The Campo ai Sassi is suitable for pairing with grilled sausages, as well as steaks, like bistecca alla fiorentina, or spicy cured meat specialties, such as traditional zampone or cotechino.

The Lamaione is usually paired with slow cooked dishes such as pot roasts that are marinated in the same wine, mushroom enriched stews, beef fillet, and medium aged cheeses.

Grappa di Brunello
This rather peculiar wine is paired best with bitter chocolate and typically served at the end of a meal.

Santa Maria
The Santa Maria is suitable to be consumed with hearty vegetable soups that have beans or chickpeas, sautéed meats, roast chicken, or traditional fish stew.

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These recommendations can be followed if you want the more popular food and wine pairings for your events, parties, or dinners, but you can also choose not to follow them and trust your palate in figuring which dishes could be paired well with your favorite wines. You can start experimenting by cooking the dishes first for your own and eat with alongside your preferred wine, or you can ask close friends and family members to critique your customized pairings. There is really no combination, as pairings are often subjective, so you are free to pair your wine with any dish if you wish to do so.