Frescobaldi? Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Le Specialita Frescobaldi

The Frescobaldi? are not just famous for their wines. The talents of the family extend beyond the vine and into the olive groves of Tuscany where since 1985 they have been cultivating quality olives. The Frescobaldi? own over 250 hectares of olive groves, with about 88,000 plants, and a potential for 200,000 litres of olive oil per year. Frescobaldi has chosen to launch into an extra virgin olive oil improvement enterprise by devising, together with other qualified central Tuscan olive producers, an olive growing system resembling that of DOCG vineyards.

Laudemio is the end result of the Frescobaldi? quality olive farming and is a very well defined type of extra virgin olive oil. Laudemio is based on a confined olive growing area, on varietal selection, and on a scrupulous compliance to a production regulation that enhances olive quality through the adoption of farming and processing techniques designed to guarantee that Laudemio is as refined as it can be. It truly embodies the best of Tuscany in every drop.