Guide to Marzolino Rosso

Italy has been famous for some of the all-time favorite dishes. The country that came up with the idea of Pizza, Pasta, and other famous dishes has a lot of other things to come up on Menus such as Marzolino Rosso. We knew the concept of cheese in many items but Marzolino Rosso is different and has specific uses. 

What is Marzolino Rosso?

Marzolino is the word used to define Tuscan cheese which is made out of sheep’s milk while Rosso means red in Italian. Combining Marzolino Rosso means that Tuscan cheese is made with tomato juice which gives it a particular creamy sweet flavor. This cheese usually comes in the form of a yellow paste with tiny holes. The taste is quite fresh and particular to that of sheep’s milk. 

Marzolino Rosso is one of the most traditional ones but is still used today for the amazing delicacy that it brings. There are different ways in which you can consume this cheese including Fresh Fruits such as Apples, Passacrassana pears, and others, Unsalted Bread, and Tuscan Scirocco as well. You can also use it with the pickles in the form of green tomato chutney. 

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Preparing Marzolino Rosso

Marzolino Rosso is one of the elegant cheeses which is why preparing it may take about 45 to 60 days. It is made with pasteurized sheep milk and then rubbed down in tomato paste along with salt, traditional rennet, and cultures. The most important thing is that it is left as it is for 30 days before release so that it truly develops the taste and provides the most aromatic flavors. Animal or vegetable rennet; any can be used although traditionally, animal rennet was considered as the first preference. 

Keep in mind that Marzolino Rosso can be produced between October to March only since this is the ideal time. The climatic conditions in other months are hot which will not ripen the cheese appropriately. With so many certain guidelines to follow, the price of Marzolino Rosso is usually above the price of normal cheese. Moreover, this cheese is also rare in the world because it takes a lot of time to produce which is why only specific customers (the cheesy fans) often have to get it in particular order beforehand. If you look up online, most of the stores where Marzolino Rosso is offered are either out of stock or very low on stock. 

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Pecorino Marzolino Rosso is one very unique cheese in the world with a taste like no other. Try it once and you will visibly feel the difference in the taste as compared to other types of cheese. It is also among one of the least-processed cheeses (Chemically) which means it is more natural thereby aiding your health as well. Go Organic, Go Marzolino!