Hidden gems in North Carolina

Everyone is looking for something and it is usually easy to find it. Every state has those hidden gems, those little out-of-the-way places that are remarkably satisfying to visit and have a lot more to offer than one would have expected.

This can be as simple as a little out-of-the-way beach with a gorgeous view to a destination that offers a wide variety of ways for a family to keep busy. North Carolina has a surprising number of these locations given the relatively small size of the state. Nonetheless, the state has a lot to recommend it.

Starting Your Trip

Finding hidden gems in North Carolina is remarkably easy. As the state was one of the original colonies, it has seen a lot of historical events, and its very geography gives it a wide variety of different options, from beaches to mountains to forests, for those looking for a reason to get away.

It is possible to design a trip for a single individual, a family trip, or even a couples retreat. It can be as easy as randomly pointing at a particular spot on the map to starting with a general idea and building from there.

Of course, there are all of the usual tips: If you are looking for a getaway that is semi-private and away from the usual crowds, mid-spring and the beginning of fall will give you the best shots. It will also keep you out of North Carolina’s muggy summers, which bring swarms of people and mosquitoes.

Always make sure that you carry plenty of water, as the heat can be your worst enemy. If you do happen to visit its short winter, make sure that you dress warm, preferably in layers. Like any other vacation, prepare a little for the trip and you will have the best trip.

Finding the Hidden Nuggets

As tourism in North Carolina is one of their major industries, you should find everything you are looking for. A good place to start is the resort town of Little Switzerland, created in 1909 specifically for tourists.

While it may seem pretty obvious, the town is situated far enough from the major urban centers and hidden well enough in the forest that it does not see as much traffic as its history would suggest.

For those looking for a neat little observation deck, the Cloud Chamber for the Trees and Skies should work marvelously. Commissioned by the North Carolina Museum of Raleigh, Chris Drury created a number of unique locations in the forest that allows a visitor to look through a pinhole and see a gorgeous vista. His cloud chambers are small huts built of rock and built to hide in the surrounding forest. There are so named because if you enter a hut and close the door, you can see an inverted image of the sky above.

Finding the Really Interesting Places

Florida is not the only state with a fountain of youth; North Carolina’s was discovered in 1884 in Crumpler and has served as a favorite oddity since then. While it may not promise eternal youth, imbibers have nonetheless found a spring promising a cure to most basic ailments as well as offering a retreat for those looking for something a little more meditative than physical.

North Carolina also offers a number of national and state parks. The Jones Lakes Park offers a four-hour walking tour that allows the park to show off its eponymous lakes in all their glory. There is also a shorter trail for those who just want to stretch their legs. Of course, it offers all of the usual amenities, such as swimming, boating, and other activities, making it great for a warm summer day.

As in other states, North Carolina is full of really interesting surprises. It is just a matter of determining what kind of tourist sites you are looking for, the level of interactivity, and if you are looking for a spot that is for families, for couples, or just somewhere to explore; North Carolina is able to scratch a lot of itches. However you wish to spend your time in North Carolina, you are bound to find something to keep you busy.

Author – Sylvia