Lamb Stew with Vegetables

Whether it is St. Patrick’s Day or not, having a delicious traditional lamb stew with vegetables is a perfect recipe you love to splash your day right. A hearty lamb stew with vegetables is something that will reinvigorate your family’s dining table.

Having a lamb that is seared and braised in a broth with the right amount of vegetables is always an irresistible recipe. You can also start this flavorful menu by choosing the proper lamb meat cut from your favorite butcher in the market. Choose a lamb shoulder instead of a lamb leg, so it gets tender quickly in a stew. You can ask your butcher to trim the too much fat off the meat, or you can try doing it yourself in your kitchen.

A lamb stew with vegetables is an economical yet delicious and nourishing dish your whole family can enjoy. The stew’s flavor will also improve if you prepare it the day before serving it.

Tips in choosing and cooking the best cut of meat for lamb stew

Lamb stew with vegetables is a convenient type of recipe. You have to select the tender part of the lamb for the best meat. Choose the particular pieces or cuts of the lamb before you braise it. Make sure that the flavor will be very evident.

Be careful not to overcook the lamb stew to avoid the falling apart of its meat. Overcooking will also lose the meat’s moisture, turning it into a tougher version. Cook the stew in the right amount of heat and time until it becomes fork-tender and intact.

Lamb stew with peas carrot onion and aromatic plant in a cooking utensil
Lamb stew with with peas carrot onion and aromatic plant in a cooking utensil

You can pick a slow cooker or instant pot in cooking the lamb stew. Using the slow cooker, you can mix all of the ingredients in a 5- or 6-quart slow cooker and do the cooking on low for 5 to 6 hours.

As recommended by culinary experts at Taste of Home, you can also make lamb stew in an electric pressure cooker or instant pot by browning the lamb and vegetables on high heat. 

Next, put the other ingredients before sealing and adjusting the pressure cook on high for 30 minutes. You have to release the pressure naturally for about 10 minutes before quickly releasing the remaining pressure.

Interestingly, there are plenty of variations that you can try for your lamb stew recipe. You can explore and customize it the way you want it to suit your family’s desired taste. To achieve a particular flavor, like a Tex-Mex flair, simply put a chopped chipotle pepper, chili powder, and cumin.

If you prefer a creamy one, pour 1/2 to 1 cup of heavy cream just before serving it. You may also opt to stir it in a little curry powder as you cook the onions and add a handful of chopped cilantro.

On its nutritional fact: For 1-1/4 cups, you will have 360 calories, 79mg cholesterol, 13g fat (4g saturated fat), 34g carbohydrate (6g sugars, 4g fiber), 721mg sodium, 27g protein. While for diabetic exchanges: 3 lean meat, 2 starch, 2 fat.

lamb stew in cooking pan
Lamb with vegetables stew close-up in cooking pan. Traditional Easter European dish.

The Dishes

After cooking and serving your lamb stew with vegetables, the recommended wine pairing would be Nipozzano Mormoreto and CastelGiocondo Brunello Riserva. Serves 6-8.


3 lbs boneless lamb shoulder, cut into 3″ pieces

4 tbsp olive oil

1-1/2 c dark red wine

5 cloves garlic

1-1/2 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary leaves

2 medium sized carrots, peeled and sliced

2 medium onions chopped

1 small eggplant, cut into 1″ pieces

1 28-ounce can peeled plum tomatoes with their juice, chopped

1 c beef broth

1 tsp crushed red pepper

Steps in cooking:

  1. Pat meat dry with paper towels. Heat 3 tablespoons of the oil in large ovenproof cast iron or heavy-bottomed Dutch oven over medium-high heat.
  2. Add a few pieces of lamb to the pan and brown on all sides. Cook down any accumulated juices before the next batch of lamb pieces are browned.
  3. As the pieces are done, set them aside in a bowl, keep the browned bits in the pan, add the last tablespoon of oil.
  4. Add the onion, carrot, and garlic and cook them until they soften. Add the lamb pieces back into the pan and pour the wine over the lamb. Bring to a strong simmer and cook until the wine is reduced by half, turning the lamb occasionally.
  5. Add the tomatoes, red pepper, and beef broth and adjust heat to achieve a simmer. Cover the stew, stir occasionally and cook until the lamb is very tender, about 1-1/2 hour. If the sauce starts to thicken too much, add 1/2 cup water at a time, as needed. Stir well before serving. Serve with Yellow Potato Gnocchi and fresh Parmesan.
Irish lamb stew with vegetables
A heathy stew made with boneless lamb meat, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, herbs and spices.

You can also try the other way of preparing and cooking your lamb stew with vegetables. The suggested wine pairing for this second version of the dish is the dark-berry fruit wine Pinot Noir, which Food and Wine highly recommend.


4 pounds boneless lamb shoulder or top round, cut into 2-inch cubes

1/2 cup olive oil

2 cups dry red wine

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

Salt and freshly ground pepper

2 tablespoons sherry vinegar

4 cups chicken stock

2 tablespoons chopped tarragon

8 baby fennel bulbs, trimmed, fronds reserved and chopped

1 large shallot, minced

2 tablespoons minced parsley

1 pound baby carrots, peeled

1 pound baby parsnips, peeled

1 pound small fingerling potatoes

1/2 pound baby turnips, halved

Steps in cooking

  1. Preheat your oven to 350°. Put the flour in a large bowl. Add with a generous amount of salt and pepper. Put the lamb cubes in 4 batches, tossing to coat properly.
  2. In a large big casserole, heat 2 tablespoons of the oil until it turned shimmering. Then put one-fourth of the lamb cubes and cook it in moderately high heat until it becomes brown. Afterward, transfer it to the plate. For the remaining floured lamb, brown them in 3 batches. Put 2 tablespoons of oil in the pot per batch. Lessen the heat if the casserole bottom darkens too much.
  3. Put back the lamb into the casserole. Put the wine and vinegar. Boil them. Then, add the stock and tarragon. Season with salt and pepper. Braise the stew in the oven for around 1 hour, or until the lamb meat becomes tender.
  4. Put potatoes, turnips, fennel, carrots, parsnips, and shallot into the lamb stew. Add a bit of salt and pepper. Bring the stew to a boil. Next, stir it to distribute the vegetables in the casserole evenly. Cover the casserole and cook until the meat and vegetables are tender for about 1 hour. Stir in the fennel fronds and parsley. Serve the lamb stew with vegetables in deep bowls.