Lifestyle and Tuscan Villas

A small history on the Tuscan villa & lifestyle
Italian lifestyle is about enjoyment. That is why food is paired with wine, work is paired with siesta (or ‘short nap’), and art and music are everywhere. Italy is highly visual and that perfect harmony between the elements of beauty and nature is never more apparent then in the traditional Tuscan home, or villa.

Villas are all over Tuscany and truly define the architecture of the region. The most interesting element of the villa is its ability to combine the best of both worlds?he inside with the outside.

Structure and Materials
Using natural materials found in the area of Tuscany, the homes are built of sandstone or limestone, which can come in a wide range of hues. The walls are built of sandstone bricks, which in ancient times, served as a defense. Today they are mainly decorative. Marble is the key element in the villa and can be found in flooring, decorative detailing, and in arches or pillars. Terracotta roof tiles are often used on villas, as well as everywhere in Tuscany.

Villas are about airiness. The have many deep set windows, open doors, and often have wooden shutters that can control the perfect amount of light. Air circulates all around the home, and once again, brings nature in.

And above all, outside spaces are critical. Tuscan villas must include some kind of patio, loggia, or portico. Water is also a critical element in the home and most homes have a water fountain surrounded by some kind of herbal or floral garden, as well pools or swimming spaces to cool off on a hot day.

Tuscan homes have the ability to harmonize with the earth, yet stand on their own. They are remarkable to view and have the architectural ability to last hundreds of years.





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