Pork Ragu and Pappardelle recipe

We recommend pairing Lucente or CastelGiocondo Brunello di Montalcino with this Pork Ragu and Pappardelle recipe.

Serves 6

Pappardelle is traditionally served with a cinghiale ragu (wild boar sauce). Since wild boar can be difficult to find, especially outside of Europe, a flavorful cut of pork, such as the pork butt used here, makes for a suitable replacement.

3 lbs boneless pork butt, cut into 2-inch chunks
1/4 cup olive oil
1 large onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 large carrots, chopped
1 tsp crushed red pepper
1 bay leaf
1 tsp anchovy paste
1 cup red wine
1/4 cup Vin Santo
2 cup beef broth
16 oz pkg of Papparedelle

In a large heavy-bottomed pot, saut? the onion in olive oil. Pat the pork dry and season with salt and pepper. Brown the meat thoroughly on all sides until very brown.

Add the onion, garlic, carrots, bay leaf and red pepper. Add the wine and vin santo, stirring to deglaze the pan. Add the tomatoes, beef broth and anchovy paste.

Simmer on low heat for 2 – 3 hours with the cover ajar, stirring occasionally. Cook until the meat breaks apart and most of the liquid is absorbed.

Cook the Papparadelle according to package directions.

Serve pasta with ragu and top with Parmesan cheese.

Lower the heat and cook for 15minutes or until warmed through and the wine is absorbed.

Serve immediately.