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The Frescobaldi villas and castles represent the history and prescense of the Frescobaldi family in Italy. In the past, the Frescobaldis have opened their doors to accommodated important personalities, friends and figures of the sophisticated world of wine and important personages from the upper echelons of society, including Enrico Ways, Emperor of Germany, Carl d’Angio, King of France, and Carl, Prince of Wales and Beautrice, Queen of Holland. Today the Frescobaldi family opens their doors to those from near and far to enjoy their splendid wines and partake in the history of the family.

The Estates

By appointment only

Castle Nipozzano
Wine shop and tasting center

The wine shop and tasting center is located at the Castle Nipozzano,
the heart of the family winemaking activities, naturally ideal ambience.

Castello di Pomino
Visits to Pomino provide a uniquely Toscan experience

The Castello Pomino was built in the 16th century by the Florentine architect Gerhardo Silvani. It hosts the ageing cellars, representing the true uniqueness of winemaking found only in Tuscany, truly expressing the innovative spirit of the Frescobaldi tradition.

CastelGiocondo “La Cantinetta” is in the heart of Brunello di Montalcino

At Castle Giocondo it is possible to taste many of the Frescobaldi wines, in particular those from the estate and those from the Luce della Vite vines.
The “Cantinetta” is located within an ancient village and provides host to a typical local style kitchen.

Complimented with the fine Montalcino wines the “Cantietta” is fully equipped for tasting, seminars and presentations.


Frescobaldi Wine Bar

Leonardo Airport , Fiumicino, Rome

A glass of wine before catching your flight.

At the two wine bars located inside the airport purchase wine or enjoy a glass or two coupled with fresh snacks. Why not try a cheese platter or selection of antipastos such as mozzarella with sardines, grapes, goat and pecorino cheese, salami, ham, smoked horse, various appetizers, salmon with a crab puree, beef filled with smoked gorgonzola and walnuts. Here can be acquired wines, specialties and moreover foods and gadgets.


Florence, Italy

Aperitif, Lunch and dinner in the heart of the historical centre of Florence.
In a pleasant atmosphere, decorated with frescoes from the fresh inks, we offer a menu of Tuscan plates, which naturally accompany the house wines with perfection, which can also be tasted by the glass. Why not try our carefully selected range of cheeses and salamis, choose between thirty hot plates, which can vary due to seasonal influences.


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