Where to Find Antique Oil Paintings

Collecting antiques can be a great hobby. It allows you to learn about the past and keep a bit of history in your home. Oil paintings are an excellent choice to add to your antique collection. They provide a glimpse into the past.

If you want to purchase antique oil paintings but have already bought out the antique shops near you, you are in the right place. This article lists different places you can buy antique oil paintings that you might not have expected.

Antique auctions

To get your hands on some antique oil paintings, one great way to purchase them is to go to antique auctions. This allows you to see the painting in person before you buy it. One great thing about going to antique auctions is that you can meet new people who are also interested in antiques.

Some websites also allow you to participate in antique auctions and have your purchase delivered.

Resale shops and yard sales

Resale shops allow people to sell their stuff without listing it on the internet. People drop off things they don’t want and that they think they can get money for. You might just find the perfect antique oil painting at a resale shop.

Yard sales are another great place to find unique items. It may be a long shot to find a yard sale selling oil paintings, but it is worth a try to find that special oil painting to add to your collection.


eBay is great for buying things directly from people rather than a big box manufacturer. Many people sell things they have around the house that they don’t want anymore, including antique oil paintings. You can get a great deal on items sold on eBay simply because people can’t wait to be rid of stuff.


Etsy is the best place to buy homemade, unique items. You probably didn’t even think about purchasing oil paintings through this site. While the oil paintings sold on this site are not antique, you can find oil paintings that are historically based or are replicas of antique oil paintings.


You can buy just about anything on Craigslist. The secret to finding what you want is to check listings frequently. You can also turn on alerts to get notified anytime someone lists what you are searching for. Who knows? You may just find the perfect antique oil painting close to home. 

The purpose of a collection is to travel to new places and discover new ways to shop. Antique oil paintings are a unique collection item, so you will have to get creative to find them!