Young Cheese, Young Wine

Wine and cheesy pizza complete a man’s day. With Remole Tocana IGT, every day is a fun day. 

This young wine is made from Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. These grapes are carefully blended and vinified into this terrific Tuscan liquid. 

“Remole is an intense, soft, and fruity wine that will captivate and delight you. Particularly suited for full-flavored first courses, charcuterie, and red meat,” wrote the Frescobaldi Remole Toscana company. The wine has a suggested retail price of $13 and is available for as low as $9.99. 

This wine is aged for four months in a stainless steel container. After that, it will spend another two months in a bottle before being sold in the market. Remole is 85 percent Sangiovese and 15 percent Cabernet Sauvignon from Tuscany, Italy. The Frescobaldi family takes pride in its rich history and tradition in making the best wines.

 Drinking the Frescobaldi Remole Toscana gives you a fantastic aroma chocked full of strawberry, blackberry jam, raspberry, spice, anise and cranberry.

“The wine tastes quite fruity, juicy and easy to drink with lots of anise notes carrying over from the nose,” said Jon Thorsten, writer and independent wine consumer who has been helping millions of people find excellent wines. 

Dinner with wine and pizza
Dinner with wine and pizza

An article from the Wine acknowledges Frescobaldi’s “uniqueness stems precisely from the representation of Toscana diversity, from its estates and from wines which express a kaleidoscope of aromas and sensations, springing from the characteristics of each individual terroir.”

“Behind every Frescobaldi wine lies the passion of agronomists and oenologists, who know their vineyards and terroirs down to the finest detail. Their art, creating quality wines, requires the iron rule of respect,” it said.

 “Respect for tradition, which guide them, even in the midst of innovation or avant-garde solutions. Respect fort Tuscany, the living land, to be cultivated in harmony and serenity. Respect for each individual terroir, borne of a unique combination of soil, altitude and microclimate, each giving us a wine with its own matchless personality,” it added.

Indeed, the unique characteristics of Remole Tocana IGT will also bring out the best for wine lovers as they experience its taste and superb quality.

A glass of Tuscany’s best red wines will also transport you back to its rich history of winemaking. No wonder Tuscany reigns supreme in terms of the wine business. Interestingly, Tuscany’s best wine business is also complemented by its Renaissance art and amazing landscape.

Picnic in nature- pizza, cheese, baguette and glasses of wine
picnic in nature: pizza, cheese, baguette and glasses of wine.

On the other hand, it is recommended to pair wine with a young cheese. Make a Burrata with some mortadella and an easy delicious red sauce. 

Burrata is a luscious cheese that’s a combination of really fresh mozzarella with a surprise inside. Inside the mozzarella are pieces of mozzarella and…cream…yes cream. Because the cheese is fresh, you will put it on your pizza a few minutes before it comes out of the oven. Afterward, sprinkle on a bit of Pecorino for a burst of savory as you bite into your first slice.

Let’s get cooking and sipping some Remole!

Pizza Dough & Oven

Taking time to make your own pizza dough is a luxury. You may opt to purchase a ball of ready-made pizza dough. Then play it around with the sauce and the toppings. You can do this while spending limited time with your loved ones.

Get your oven nice and hot, and don’t forget that magical tool, the pizza stone. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. Place your pizza stone in the oven, so it gets hot.

Now take a sip of the Remole and imagine how great the pairing will be when your pizza is ready. Notice the fruitiness of the wine and even the hint of peppery spiciness as you take another sip.


Makes 1 pizza

– 1 ball of pizza dough

– 1 ball of fresh Burrata cheese

– Small piece of Pecorino cheese

– 1/3 pound of Mozzarella cheese

– Fresh Italian flat parsley

– 1 sprig of fresh oregano

– 2 garlic cloves

– 1 small onion

– Tomato sauce (you’ll need about 3/4 cup of sauce for one pizza, and you can freeze the rest).

– 1 can of whole tomatoes (such as canned San Marzano tomatoes)

– 3 1/2 Tbsp of San Marzano tomato paste

– 1/3 cup of Remole

– Mortadella

Italian pizza, bottle and glass of wine on wooden tabletop
selective focus of italian pizza, bottle and glass of wine on wooden tabletop

 Steps in cooking

  1. Open the can of whole tomatoes and squish the tomatoes with your hands into almost a pulp. Pay attention, so you don’t end up wearing the tomatoes. 
  2. Put the tomato mixture into a large saucepan. Add the tomato paste into the pan.
  3. Add about 1/2 handful of fresh chopped parsley, flat Italian if you have it. Flatten two cloves of garlic and put them into the sauce along with a sprig of fresh oregano, remove these before putting the sauce on the pizza.
  4. Lightly saute a small onion in olive oil and add to the pan. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and stir it all up with a bit of salt and pepper.
  5. Roll out your pizza dough on a floured board and get it the thickness you like. 
  6. Put a small amount of cornmeal down on the flour to help when you want to slide your pizza onto the pizza stone. Brush the topping side with olive oil right out the crust.
  7. Take your ball of Burrata out of the frig and get ready. Take some thinly sliced Mortadella and cut it into strips. Use as much as you like. It is recommended to have a few slices on each piece of pie. You can save the leftovers for sandwiches. Mortadella is fantastic with Remole.
  8. Spoon your homemade sauce onto the pizza and lay the Mortadella on top, but not totally covering the pizza. Leave some room for the Burrata. Throw the grated Pecorino cheese around on your pie.
  9. Slide the pizza onto the pizza stone that’s been sprinkled with a little cornmeal for slidability. Cook it for about 10 minutes.
  10. Now with your hands, tear the Burrata into pieces and place these in the spaces you’ve left open on the pizza. Slide it back into the oven for another 3 to 5 minutes until the cheese is just melting.

Serve your pizza with glasses of Remole, and you’ve just made another delicious creation. Enjoy!