7 Perks of Joining A Wine Club

Wines are renowned for enriching lives and boosting human countenance. They’ve been around for quite some time, and they’ve been savored by generations of people from the very dawn of modernization. If you are one of those wine connoisseurs – who genuinely understand the perks of excellent wines – then perhaps you’ve already thought about joining a wine club. And if you are still wondering whether or not joining a wine club is a good idea, you should check out these wine clubs to see some important reasons why you should go all out to join one.

Unmissable Deals

When you are a wine club member, you become exposed to some tempting offers that would have otherwise eluded you. Being a part of a wine club qualifies you to buy your wines at ridiculously lower prices, not to mention some other exclusive opportunities that come with being a member. You could get a set of wine, from your club, for a lower price than what you would have paid if you had bought them individually.

Mind-Blowing Incentives

It only takes a couple of application steps and sometimes a few quizzes to join a wine club; nothing more. When you are finally a wine club member, you become entitled to so many incentives because your wine club membership comes with a plethora of attractive rewards. Your wine club may invite you to some of the most exclusive wine tasting events in the world or grant you a pass to host wine exhibitions in any city of your choice. This is a great way to improve your circle of friends, as you get to meet some of the most prominent personalities in the world, especially when you join a reputable wine club. The fact that you get invited to wine tasting events is enough in itself, not to mention it is a significant step in the right direction to discovering all about wines. Simply put, wine tasting events and exhibitions can be a great learning opportunity to know all about wines and meet fellow wine-lovers.

Early Bird Access

Another great benefit of being a part of a wine club is that you get the first shot at exclusive bottlings, first look at new wine releases, special offers, and limited wine editions. Depending on the offer available, you could even be the first to have access to these special releases before they are made available to the general public. In some cases, some wines are even made exclusively for club members, and they may never be open to public purchase.

Improved variety in taste

Are you an individual wine connoisseur? Chances are your wine taste and preferences must have been limited to some tried and tested names. However, that could change if you join a wine club. When you enter a wine club, you get to taste new wines you would have never tried otherwise, improve your general knowledge about wines, and have access to better wine collections.

Greater Selection of Wines

While the availability of wines in the specialist store and retail shops has improved over the last two decades, a wine store is still limited in a way a wine club isn’t. This is because wine clubs have access to some of the latest wine editions, they have phenomenal purchasing power, and more importantly, curators who help them secure the finest wines to stock the shelves. So, if you are an individual wine connoisseur, there is no way your wine store could match these perks from a wine club. The best alternative will be to join a wine club if you want to improve your wine experience.

Convenient and regular delivery

There is nothing more disappointing for a wine connoisseur than an exhausted wine collection. You will always get your preferred wine delivered to your doorstep once you join a wine club. Hence, you alleviate the possibility of missing out on your favorite wine. Once you enter a wine club, all you have to do is select your preferences and sit back. The wine club will handle the rest from there.

Other relevant perks of joining a wine club include:

  • Special Reserves
  • VIP Winery tours
  • Great discounts
  • Harvest dinners and
  • Discounted foods