Decorating Your Home for A Food Tasting Party

Much like the food, home décor is of equal importance. If you are planning to have a food tasting party at home, chances are you are finding ways to make your home more appealing to match the wonderful taste of your food.

If you got much time on your hands, you can improve your home to make room for more people or to transform your old, boring interior into something that fits your current style. However, if you only have a week or a few days left to spice up your den, here are some tips to help you decorate your room for your food tasting party. If you wish to know more, make sure to read further!

How to make your home food tasting party-ready?

Invitations, check! Menu, check!

Now, we only have the last part of the preparation stage—decorations. It goes without saying: food is the star at any party. But nothing makes the feast more memorable with a space that is as rich and memorable as the food served.

Buffet table/dinner table

If you are going for a dinner table, first off, you should create or buy a backdrop for it. A backdrop will help make it the center of your decorations. Sift through numerous backdrop inspirations online.

However, if you are laying the food on your dinner table, you can go with block-printed linens. They may be costly to buy, but they are surprisingly easy to make. What you will need are textile paint, woodblock stamps, muslin fabric, and a personalized setting, then play with it. Get answers to your questions by checking out

Food presentation

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule? It is about going for approximately 80% cold food and 20% hot. For the latter, it is highly recommended to set up a DIY station wherein your guests can assemble food themselves. It could be a burger, mac & cheese, hotdog, taco, baked potato, with a variety of toppings, or a corner wherein guests can do something like “make your own panini” with an electric panini press or toaster for your guests to enjoy according to their own liking.

For the 80% cold food like pasta, salads, and chicken skewers, they are better served in individual portions. Spend ample time dividing your cold food into small shooters, bowls, and plates. When displaying the foods, make sure to style them by groups, rows, and levels.


Balloons add a gush of happiness in the venue. Decorate your venue wit overhead balloons to add to the good vibes of the party.


These are often overlooked, but coasters add beauty to the overall look of the dining table. Not only that, it protects the table’s surfaces and glassware from damages. Try looking for coasters that have stripes and paint splatters to make it look more appealing to your guests. In fact, you can make it yourself at home! With just paint, paintbrush, and masking tape to block off patterns, you can paint bare coasters at home. Also check out rectangle tablecloth as well.

Foraged plants

If you want the green, summery vibe for your food tasting party, set a beautiful table using tumblers, decanters, and even an ice bucket—all filled with understated blooms and a mix of beautiful leaves!

Gallery Wall

Showcase your own aesthetic taste with a gallery wall in your dining area. You can place botanical-inspired prints, personal photos, or any pattern that matches the overall look and feel of your party for a cohesive setup. We strongly advise sticking to all-white frames for that elegant, classic look.

White walls

Truth is, nothing beats classic white walls, not even patterns or prints! It’s bright, clean, and it serves as a canvas for decors, which propels you to be more creative. White walls also reflect natural light, which can make any room bigger. So, if you are hosting a morning or afternoon food-tasting party, you can consider changing your walls to a blank canvas! Partner it with accents that have a shade that has a hint of gray to make it warm and welcoming, or go for bright seating and tablecloth to set the scene.


Preparing for a food tasting party sure sounds frustrating, but with all the right tools, information, and tips, you are bound to create a memorable occasion your guests will surely fill and warm their hearts.