8 Insane Casino Gambling Strategies

Gambling is a common pastime, but sometimes people find themselves getting too deep with the strategy – and not knowing when to walk away. Getting caught up in casino games and having fun is easy. Sometimes, that fun can turn into a losing streak or bad habits that keep pushing you back into financial trouble. The point is that gambling can be one of the best things if you let it be and know when to stop. Games like slots, blackjack, and roulette are great ways to have fun at the casino while also making money if you do them right.

However, if you keep binge-playing casino games until they become more than you can handle financially, things could go south fast. Below we have compiled a list of some insane casino gambling strategies so that you can figure out what works best for your schedule and budget while also minimizing losses!

1. “Don’t Bank on It”

If you like playing slots, this strategy is right up your alley. You want to play a few lines with the same bet and see how they go. If they start slow, keep playing, but if they’re going great, stop while you’re ahead. This way, you’re betting on yourself rather than hoping for big wins in a game that doesn’t have that guarantee. You stand the best chance of winning in the long run by stopping it when things are going well rather than trying to go for broke on everything and running yourself into debt!

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2. “Play like a Banker”

Play like a Banker

If you’re into playing blackjack, you might want to play this strategy.

You want to be the game’s banker and keep the chips on your side of the table. If you’re doing this, there’s no way that someone else can ever win. You’re always going to be better than them at blackjack and will be able to win more money by being aggressive.

3. “Don’t Hold Your Breath” 

Another thing to remember when playing blackjack is that it’s a game of luck.

If you win money at the casino, it’s best if you don’t play to win a huge amount. Instead, you want to shoot for a low average to still make money even when things go against you. If you’re a newbie, you want to get the basics before playing big. The little things can go a long way; the last thing you want to do is lose money.

4. “Try and Lose”

Trying to lose on blackjack is great if you’re trying to learn how the game works!

This can be helpful if you don’t know anything about blackjack yet and want to get yourself used to making mistakes before deciding on the right strategy. The key to losing on purpose is making the right decisions when you’re playing and then guessing on purpose if you think you’re going to lose.

5. “Play Your Cards Right” 

Play Your Cards Right

Remember that blackjack involves a lot of practice, so if you want to get good, it’s a good idea to play!

You also want to remember that one big win doesn’t mean that you should spend more money or play more aggressively than normal. It’s best to keep your head straight and remember that the house has an advantage in this game, even if you can sometimes pull out a victory.

6. “Play Actively” 

If you want to play roulette, constantly act like you’re playing!

If you walk up to the roulette table and say, “I’m going to win with this bet,” there’s no way they’ll let you start playing. Instead, make it look like you’re making a bet by placing the chips on the table and quietly trying not to look at other players. They’ll think that you’re just acting, but you’re looking for the best odds before putting a good amount of money down.

7. “Don’t Push Your Luck”

While many people think that roulette is all about luck, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of success.

For instance, if a certain number keeps coming up, it’s probably better not to bet on it. This is because if a bunch of people bets on it, the house prices will adjust dramatically to reduce the odds of winning money. If you want to bet on something else and win big, it’s best if other people don’t get in your way!

8. “Buy Your Luck”

Buy Your Luck

This is the last strategy you want to use, and if you’re going to use a strategy like this, then it’s best if you have a lot of money to put down on bets.

The more money you have that the casino needs, the more likely they will be willing to let you win some money. The trick is getting enough chips to feel like they can’t say no to your bets. If this happens, stay there for a few hours or even days!


So, that’s it! Hope you enjoyed reading this article and picked up some insanely clever strategies. The good thing about these tips is that they apply to both newbies and experts. It shows how important it is to observe your surroundings at a casino. Keep calm, assess the situation, and start playing with the abovementioned techniques!