Decorating Tuscan Style

One of the things you will notice immediately about Tuscan homes, art, and interior design is the strong connection the home has to the earth and nature.

Everything which can be called “Tuscan style” is inspired in one way or another by the elements of nature:

  • Stone walls and flooring
  • Earth driven colors of Siena orange, herbal green, sunflower yellow, and terracotta brown
  • Carefully deigned and etched wrought iron accessories
  • Ceramic tiling
  • Marble flooring
  • Terracotta roofing
  • Hardwood furniture

Italians are all about simplicity and connecting to their environment, so to truly be “Tuscan” you need to decorate without pretension.

Be organic and choose fabrics and tiles that soothe you and your environment. It?s not about the most expensive fabrics or the finest designers. It?s about harmonizing everything to create comfort.

Surround yourself with worn, inviting pieces that have meaning. Put up an old painting you got from a friend, an antique throw pillow, sink into an aged leather couch.


Connect the inside with the outside by hanging curtains or buying a lounge chair to go on your patio. Put in a water fountain or pond.

Make sure to let nature roam by displaying potted plants, or planting flowers or herbs in your garden.

Explore your room and the light. Work towards maintaining natural light. Get the most out of the space. Use shutters if you can.

Add rugs to a room to pick up on the colors of your environment and keep the earthly feel.