Bistecca Fiorentina

Recommended wine pairing: Luce Brunello and Mormoreto

The beauty of this dish is its simplicity. Ingredients are few and effort is low. The key is the right cut of meet, the right breed of meat and the perfect cooking temperature.

In Tuscany, Bistecca Fiorentina is made from the Chianina breed of cow. The Chianina beef is flavorful and tender, needing only the heat from a charcoal grill to produce a heavenly meal. In the US, the breed is harder to find, and Bistecca Fiorentina is best made from a high-quality porterhouse steak.

Porterhouse steak – you may use 2 cuts of about 1lb each or 1 large cut at about 2lb.
Sea salt
Fresh ground pepper

For best results, the steak should be cooked on a grill over charcoal. Next best is a gas grill, then a grill pan, and finally pan roasting.

If using a grill, Let the charcoals heat up so that you cannot hold your hand over them for more than a few seconds. Place the grill rack about 4 or 5 inches above the charcoals. If using gas, keep gas on high. Drop the steak onto the grill or pan and let sear for about one minute. Move the grill rack about 4 inches higher (or turn heat down to about medium/medium high) and continue to cook. It’s time to flip the steak when it longer sticks to the grill rack. Flip the steak over and salt the already cooked side. When the other side no longer sticks, flip the steak again. Salt the newly cooked side. Cook until desired temperature (a one inch steak usually takes about 13 minutes for medium rare, a 2 inch steak 24 minutes) is met and remove from heat. Carve the steak into slices, serve with salt, pepper, a wedge of lemon and a sprig of rosemary. A simple green salad is a perfect pairing.