Papa John’s Philanthropic Efforts During the Pandemic

The pandemic hit many businesses hard, but Papa John’s new CEO Rob Lynch kept the company on task to provide pizza to its community throughout the shutdown. From it’s Shaq-a-Roni promotion last summer to the ongoing commitment to supporting first responders, Papa John’s stands behind its communities with its finances.

Papa John’s Donating Pizzas to Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Papa John’s CEO has fast-forwarded the company’s engagement with the community through the pandemic. After taking the over the helm in 2019, Lynch has transformed the reputation of Papa John’s through its philanthropic operations. Delivering Thanks, the program that supports first responders and frontline workers. Hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country received pizzas as part of this program. Fire and police departments benefitted. It wasn’t only to thank them for their tireless service, but to help the workers have a good meal.

Papa John’s Continued Support of the Boys & Girls Club Through COVID 19

Papa John’s has been a proud supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America for quite a few years. Franchisees and their team members are encouraged to volunteer at local Boys & Girls Clubs. Corporately, Papa John ‘s financially supports the Youth of the Year events. The 2019 National Youth of the Year recipient enjoyed a year of free pizza, provided by Papa John’s.

Papa John’s Supports the Community

Papa Johns reaches out to many non-profit organizations within its local community. Papa Johns CEO supports education for students at Historically Black Colleges & Universities. In 2019 alone, over half a million dollars was donated to Bennett College, a private HBCU in North Carolina for women. During the pandemic, Papa John’s gave over 4,100 children and their families the opportunity to swim when Metro Louisville couldn’t open its public pools. Papa John’s is also committed to equality, fairness, respect and opportunity.

Supporting Papa John’s Helps Them Continue Their Work

Papa John’s raised over $3 million in 2020 through sales of the Shaq-a-Roni pizza. The funds raised from this campaign are supporting the World Central Kitchen, for COVID-19 food relief, the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), Goodr and the Louisville Metro Chamber of Commerce. Papa John’s isn’t just feeding people but supporting organizations that bring food to food insecure communities. It’s supporting programs that support diversity and equality.

Order Pizza to Support Your Community

Local businesses are the heartbeat of most cities. These businesses provide jobs and create income for the city through taxes. Papa John’s is proud to be part of the fabric of local communities. Papa John’s goal was single-minded – “Better ingredients. Better pizza.” Almost 40 years after it opened its first doors, Papa John’s is making pizzas with real mozzarella cheese. Its pizza sauce is made with vine-ripened tomatoes. The dough is fresh, never frozen. High quality ingredients lead to superior pizzas, delivered hot and fresh to your door.

Remember Papa John’s next time you want pizza for your crew. With contactless delivery, you can feel confident about protecting your family while getting a break from cooking. Order pizza tonight for dinner or tomorrow for lunch.