8 Tips to Give your Kitchen an Attractive Touch

We often dream of an idyllic kitchen, similar to the designs we see in magazines and social networks. However, when we propose to reform and redecorate our kitchen, giving it an elegant and modern touch is not as simple as it seems.

Here are 8 simple and very useful tips to give your kitchen that last touch of genius that you are looking for.

A different wall

The entirely tiled walls up to the ceiling have gone down in history. You can choose to tile halfway and then paint it, paint a single wall in another color, put the countertop material on the wall (siltstone, for example), or even panel behind the glass ceramic, it will give your kitchen a new look like a pro in modern wall art.

Color to choose

If your kitchen is integrated into the living room, and it is not very large, it is better to match the colors between the two spaces to gain visual amplitude in this way. But if space is not a problem, you can highlight the kitchen area using bright colors, not only on the walls but also on the furniture. Dare, for example, with orange, red or green.

Folding furniture

Folding furniture is the best solution to today’s kitchens, which are usually fairly tight in size. The folding chairs and tables, in addition to being very practical, are beautiful and you can find them at very affordable prices. Before buying, check that they can be stacked without problems. The rest of the furniture, choose them with the maximum use.

Practical and functional

When making the distribution, remember that the kitchen must above all be practical and functional. The cooking, storage and food handling areas must be arranged in a triangle. In this way, you will make work easier and you will save extra rides.

Less is more

Gone is the baroque and ornate style. In a modern kitchen, the feeling of spaciousness is a “must”. Show only what you really want to see. Forget filling every hole, filling the room with furniture and decorative objects.

To achieve this, it is necessary to optimize the storage capacity of the kitchen. Make the most of the storage space you have in the lower part of your kitchen and free up space in the upper area. Shelves can be your great allies at this point.

More wood!

Wood is the essential material in any modern kitchen. It is the basis of the Nordic style, an indisputable trend in 2021, but the versatility of this material allows all kinds of combinations, adapting to any style.

If you are not thinking about a comprehensive reform, but you want a change in your kitchen, there is a huge variety of small wooden elements and ornaments that will change the image of your kitchen, giving it a warm and modern touch.

Straight lines

Modern kitchens are characterized by simplicity, so the doors and fronts will be smooth and straight. This simplicity will give your kitchen a modern, clean and uncluttered look.

Keep it real

When designing our kitchen, we must be realistic with what we have at home. Does this mean that if we don’t have a super new kitchen, let’s forget about this post? Absolutely! We all have potential and your kitchen has it too, big, small, open or closed. There will always be something that makes it stand out from the rest if we adapt to what we have and make the most of it.

When looking for inspiration on the internet, try to find kitchens that are similar to yours in size and distribution and you will get a great result. If you do not find any or you are not sure, experiment and create the trend yourself! With the help of professionals you will get a kitchen project adapted to your needs and your tastes.