Potato flan with white meat ragout

We recommend pairing Frescobaldi Castiglioni Rosato Toscana wine with this Potato Flan with White Meat Ragout recipe.

Serves 6

13 oz Fresh Ricotta
13 oz potatoes pealed and boiled
1 1/2 cup Olive oil
7 eggs
4 Sage leaves
1/4 Nutmeg
Salt and pepper, pinch

1 carrot chopped
1 Onion chopped
2 Celery Stalks chopped
7 oz Chicken breast minced
7 oz Veal minced
3.5 oz sausage minced
1.7 oz concentrated tomato paste
White wine

Combine ingredients in a large mixing bowl and whisk together until a smooth consistency is obtained. Line the baking tray with oven proof paper, pour the mixture into the tray and cook in oven at 130degrees for approximately 40 minutes.

Lightly fry the onions until a golden brown texture has been obtained, add carrots and celery. Next add the meats and continue to cook until browned. Bath in white wine and allow time for evaporation, then add the concentrated tomato paste and cover ingredients with water cook until it begins to boil, then lower the flame and simmer for a further 2 hours, occasional stirring.