Traditional rabbit stew

Recommended wine pairing: Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino or Luce Brunello di Montalcino

Chef: Donatella Zampoli

1 rabbit
1.8 ounces of tomato paste
1 thin slice of lard
2 garlic cloves
1/2 onion parsley
1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper

Carefully clean the rabbit. Cut it into small pieces. Put the liver aside. Drain it well and pat it dry with paper towels. Put the pieces of rabbit in a wide pan with two garlic cloves and a bundle of rosemary tied with a string to keep the leaves together. Heat it over a very low flame to evaporate all of the water. Drain the bottom of the pot. When the meat is dry, add a mixture of the lard, the onion, the liver, a little parsley and some more rosemary. Also add the olive oil. Let it cook until the rabbit gets a nice golden brown color, then add a cup of white wine. When the wine has evaporated, add salt, pepper and the paste dissolved in a cup of water. Let it cook slowly for at least an hour. A great sauce will form on the bottom of the pan to top your homemade tagliatelle. You can serve the rabbit as a main course and you can served with creme polenta.