When to Introduce New Foods to Your Baby

Considering modern tendencies in nutrition and traveling, there is an insight that introducing new food to your baby is not just a possibility to deepen the baby’s gastronomic experience but also to open the exciting world of new cultures and traditions. One of the most charming and delicious cuisines in the world is Italian. So, if you are planning a vacation with the baby, it is a great country to visit, to get acquainted with the culture, cuisine for trying new food.

When the time has come: Introducing new foods to your baby

The introduction of new foods to a baby’s diet is an essential step for the baby’s new taste preferences development. Timely and correct implementation of new products will help your baby to broaden its nutritional horizon and get the necessary nutrients. The best time for it is when the baby starts to show interest in food from the adult’s table. Most of the time, it happens after the age of 6 months. Nevertheless, it is always better to consult your pediatrician about the implementation of the new products. 

Also, try to present new food gradually, for example, one new product at a time. It will let you track the reaction of the baby’s organism to each new ingredient. If there are any allergic reactions or digestive problems, you can easily understand the cause. Moreover, it is better to introduce new food in the morning or during the day, but not very late. So, you can watch your baby and the reaction to the products. Start with small portions. It decreases the risk of irritation of the gastrointestinal tract and allergic reactions. 

The first weaning should come side by side with basic baby nutrition. It can be breastfeeding or formula feeding. In the case of formula feeding, European infant formula at Organic’sBestShop is a great choice. You will find formulas for your taste. Also, there is a broad assortment of different baby food which is suitable for weaning. 

Italian cuisine: The art of taste and travel

Italian cuisine is a true mastery where every dish is an emotion, and every ingredient is part of history. It is famous for its simplicity and the quality of its components. Introducing new foods to your baby during a vacation in Italy can be a wonderful way to introduce the baby to a variety of tastes and smells. 

Before the vacation, you can throw “Italian week” at home. You can cook new dishes with authentic Italian ingredients. And if the baby did not show any interest in new food before, maybe, this will encourage the baby to start. 

When you go on vacation, you can attend Italian restaurants and try national dishes from Italian chefs. What is more, the story about Italy and its cuisine seems incomplete without mentioning its wine. Italy is famous for its wine heritage, the variability of grape sorts, and wine regions, which produce high-quality wine. Moreover, Italians are known for enjoying their food, and the correct wine can enhance the flavor of a dish and make the meal more enjoyable.

From Pizza to Gelato: The way to taste paradise

There are a few dishes which are believed to be the symbols of Italy. 

Pizza is one of the most favorite dishes in the whole world. It is definitely worth trying authentic Italian Pizza Margherita. Also, during “Italian week” at home, you can try to cook it. Lay out the products for pizza and let your infant be a part of it. Maybe, the baby can choose something for its taste and interest.

Pasta. Real Italian pasta can become a discovery for the gourmands. Try different kinds of pasta and sauces. 

Gelato is believed to be one of the most delicious ice creams in the world. It impresses with its soft structure and variability of tastes. 


The introduction of new foods to your baby is a trip to the world of tastes and smells. Italian cuisine is a great way to broaden the taste horizons of a little gourmand and deepen the connection between parents and a baby during vacation. Do not be afraid to experiment and open new gastronomical horizons with your baby. You can start with cooking at home and continue during your travels.