Your Guide to Throwing A Party That Satisfies Every Diet

Let’s cut to the chase: You want to plan an epic brunch that your diverse friend circle will love. But let’s be real. It’s more challenging than it sounds. The biggest hurdle? Everyone’s dietary preferences. Your BFF may be a Keto fanatic, your college buddy vegan, and your pal from soccer camp may follow a traditional diet. It’s like a dietary minefield! 

But fear not, brave party planner. We have the ultimate guide to throwing a feast that will make everyone happy. With our amazing tips, you’ll have vegans, keto fans, and traditional diners licking their plates clean and begging for seconds. 

Ready to impress your friends with your culinary prowess? Let’s get to it.

Pick a Food Item that Everyone Eats

Food is for everyone. But when you’re struggling with various dietary restrictions, things can get tricky. We suggest starting with a food item everyone can agree on, like a salad or grain dish. For example, a super tasty quinoa bowl fits vegan and traditional diner diets. A hearty Caesar salad is an excellent option for those who follow Keto or a traditional diet.

Don’t keep an animal protein-based main dish. You’ll be in a bind if you discover any last-minute dietary restrictions. But if you keep the main dish vegan or vegetarian, you’ll be able to find something that works for everyone.

Smoke Instead of Fry

Fried food is delicious and crunchy. But here’s the catch: It’s loaded with carbs. And some (if not all) of your friends might want to bite into something less greasy.

So use a smoker. Smokin Tex Smoker is a great option for the home cook instead of an oven or stovetop. You can get delicious results with minimal effort. If you want more reasons to buy a Smokin Tex Smoker, consider the health benefits. Smoking is one of the best ways to reduce fat and calories in your food without compromising flavor.

Everyone will get enough protein and fiber in their meal. Plus, you can easily host a backyard food fest with a smoker that’s easy to use and clean.

Choose Foods that are Naturally Low-Carb

Low-carb dishes don’t have to be bland. Food can still be flavorful and delicious, even without all the carbs. Here are some of our favorite options:

  • Grilled chicken or pork tenderloin
  • Roasted vegetable dishes like roasted Brussels sprouts and carrots
  • Steamed fish with herbs, seasonings, and lemon
  • Baked sweet potatoes

These dishes naturally contain fewer carbs than a traditional meal. They’re also quick and easy to whip up and don’t require any special ingredients.

Be Mindful of Allergies

No matter what items you serve, always consider any food allergies or sensitivities your friends may have. You can’t be too careful! Peanut, tree nut, dairy, and shellfish allergies are especially common. They can cause severe reactions like nausea, vomiting, and anaphylaxis.

So, ask your friends about their allergies before you head to the store to pick your ingredients. Read the labels carefully. If in doubt, buy certified allergy-free foods. All vegetables, for instance, are free of most allergens. Olive, sunflower, and avocado oil are also safe for most people.

Come Up with 2 to 3 Creative Meat Alternatives

Boring shouldn’t describe your party. And it definitely shouldn’t describe the food. If you have a few vegetarians or vegans in the mix, you can still make something that will tantalize their taste buds.

  • Lentil burgers with a spicy kick
  • Tofu stir-fry with lots of vegetables
  • Veggie tacos with a homemade guacamole topping

These delicious dishes will add a creative flair to your brunch. Also, plate them on colorful platters or plates to bring a festive feel to the table.

Let Your Guests Customize Their Plates

Letting your guests pick and choose what they eat is a great way to make sure everyone enjoys their meal. So, go all out and set up an interesting buffet.

Set out platters of eggs, potatoes, salad greens, and various sauces and dressings for brunch.

You could offer tacos with different toppings like black beans, corn, and salsa for dinner.

Also, provide some protein options like grilled chicken or shrimp for those who follow traditional diets. Or, go for something vegan like tempeh.

These options make it easy for everyone to fill their plates according to their diet preferences and make it easier for you.

Include a Crowd Pleaser and Tweak as Needed

Risottos and pizzas are the perfect crowd-pleasers. They’re great for every diet and can be tweaked to suit everyone’s needs.

For the risotto, you can use vegetable stock instead of chicken broth and add roasted vegetables like mushrooms, peppers, or zucchini.

And pizzas are good with almost everything! Make sure to have some gluten-free and vegan options.

For the vegan option, use dairy-free cheese and your favorite tomato sauce. Pick gluten-free flour or cauliflower as the crust base.

Final Thoughts

When throwing a party that satisfies every diet, the key is to plan. Choose items that please every palate and are naturally low in carbs. Be mindful of allergies and provide meat alternatives. Let guests customize their plates with various toppings or create their pizzas. And don’t forget to put an evergreen favorite on the table.

Since you’ll be cooking for a lot of people all at once, it’ll help to have the right kitchen tools and gadgets. So, find what serves the purpose. Happy hosting.