Cacio de Roma

Sheep? milk cheeses are usually just wonderful as a pairing with Brunello. The Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi’s CastelGiocondo estate produces a real beauty of a Brunello, CastelGiocondo Brunello di Montalcino. This wine works so well with a plethora of cheeses, I thought I’d go with a cheese this month that is readily available and quite reasonably priced…Cacio de Roma

Cacio de Roma, who some translate into “Cheese of Rome,” is actually made near Rome out of 100% sheep’s milk. Just like the CastelGiocondo Brunello di Montalcino is made out of 100% Sangiovese grapes. The cheese at first bite is mild and then you realize it has a full flavor barnyardyness that brings out the dark ripe stone fruit flavors and then enhances the nuances of leather and even tobacco in the wine. Spices even emerge from your glass as you continue down The Cheese Highway taking sip after sip of the Brunello di Montalcino with your Cacio de Roma.

Cooking with Cacio de Roma is a joy. I’m going to try making a pizza with it and pairing it with this big amazing Brunello. I’ll keep you posted on the results. Enjoy!