Tenuta di Castiglioni Estate


The Vineyards

The Frescobaldi history begins around the year 1000, when the first members of the family moved to Florence from the Val di Pesa area, more precisely from Castillione Vallis Pesae, now called Castiglioni. The first historical documentation attesting to ‘Castillioni Vallis Pesae?is dated 1092. These vineyards give rise to the first historic 700 years of Marchesi de?Frescobaldi winemaking.

The Tenuta di Castiglioni estate lies in the Chianti Colli Fiorentini zone, in the Montespertoli area, with a warm, dry climate. The entire estate covers 513 hectares, of which 115 hectares are devoted to vineyards at an average altitude of 200 meters.

Many of the estate vineyards were replanted in the 1990s at high density to produce wines with complex, rich aromas of wild red berry fruit, a classic profile in this zone of Chianti.


Castiglioni Tuscan Wines - Chianti, Giramonte

The Wines

Castiglioni Chianti DOCG
Castiglioni Chianti DOCG is a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot. Recent vintages provide an expressive nose with appealing, prominent fruit and a palate of light tannins complemented by a judicious balance of alcohol and crisp acidity with an impressive and luscious finish.

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Tenuta di Castiglioni, Toscana IGT
The Tenuta di Castiglioni is a delightful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and small part of Merlot and Petit Verdot that provide considerable power and a sturdy structure in the mouth with overall harmony. The leisurely finish shows surprising elegance.

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At the Castiglioni estate, a family property since the 1300’s located in the Colli Fiorentini area of Tuscany, the season was very good for all of the main varieties, especially the Sangiovese and Merlot used to produce the Giramonte. After the racking off, the Sangiovese appears soft and intense in color, with fresh and fruity fragrances. The Merlot grapes have high levels of alcohol, and intense, almost purple colors. The late Merlot, most of which will be used for the cru Giramonte, has an excellent structure, and a very elevated level of alcohol- over 15%.

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Castiglioni Rosato Toscana, IGT
This blend of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is produced from grapes harvested from vineyards in Tenuta Castiglioni, located in the town of Montespertoli, near Florence, an area usually characterized by early ripening of its vines. This wine, providing a lovely claret-pink color, offers a vigorous palate showing a tasty array of flavours that are more than appealing with a clean, nicely sustained finish.

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