Guide to Marzolino Rosso

cheese shredding

Italy has been famous for some of the all-time favorite dishes. The country that came up with the idea of Pizza, Pasta, and other famous dishes has a lot of other things to come up on Menus such as Marzolino Rosso. We knew the concept of cheese in many items but Marzolino … Read more

Ingredient Descriptions

Adobo: A sauce or paste made from a variety of ingredients that may include chiles, salt, vinegar, garlic, and herbs. Aioli: A simple mixture of garlic and mayonnaise. All-purpose flour: An all-around flour with a fine texture that comes either “bleached” or “unbleached”. Allspice: Usually used in ground form, allspice has a … Read more

Frescobaldi?s Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Le Specialita Frescobaldi The Frescobaldi?s are not just famous for their wines. The talents of the family extend beyond the vine and into the olive groves of Tuscany where since 1985 they have been cultivating quality olives. The Frescobaldi?s own over 250 hectares of olive groves, with about 88,000 plants, and a … Read more

Cutting Herbs

Cutting Herbs

How to Slice & Dice Fresh Herbs A lot of attention is paid to fresh ingredients in Italian cooking. You will not often hear the sound of a can opening in an Italian kitchen, but you will hear the vigorous roar of an active knife on a chopping board. And more often … Read more

Cooking Tips

You can’t always look out your window and enjoy panoramic views, rolling countryside, or medieval hilltop villages. But you can learn how to cook Tuscan and bring the flavors of this amazing culinary region into your own home. Tuscan cuisine is astonishingly simple to create and extremely flavorful to enjoy. All you … Read more

Vinegar and Spice

Vinegar and Spice

Balsamic Vinegar Balsamic vinegar is specialty vinegar from the region of Modena, north of Bologna. Made for centuries, it is made from the must of white grapes. The must is boiled down to a concentrated, white juice and then aged for decades in a series of barrels, each barrel a different size … Read more

Your Own Herb Garden

How to Make Your Own Italian Herb Garden It is not always easy to go to the store last minute when you realize you need that sprig of basil for the pasta, or bushel of rosemary for the lamb. So how about knocking out that need completely by planting an herb garden … Read more

Italian Cooking Tips on Cutting Herbs

a wooden board with a sharp knife and chopped herbs

Have you ever dined in an Italian restaurant and, after relishing the delicious main course, said to yourself, ‘I will replicate this dish at home.’? But no matter how many different recipes you tried, you just could not get the taste right; something was always missing. Perhaps, the problem isn’t with your … Read more

Tuscan Olive Oil

Homer once called it liquid gold. The Greek used to rub it on their body for good luck. The tree is a symbol of a peace offering. This history of olives and olive oils is long and diverse. In Tuscany it? a staple agricultural product and an integral part of Tuscan cooking. … Read more

Cooking Techniques

In the kitchen, you’ll hear terms or instructions you won’t find anywhere else. Some of them can be a little complicated or confusing. Tuscany Tonight offers some explanations for the more unique cooking techniques out there. To Saute or not to Saute? Sauteing is cooking food quickly in oil and/or butter over … Read more