Wine Education

Wine is not just what you pour into a glass. Each bottle has its own history, tradition, sensuality, uniqueness, and story. This can be both wonderful and wonderfully confusing. Varietals, labels, regions, and classifications can present the wine consumer with endless question and doubt. Tuscany Tonight helps to solve that dilemma by … Read more

Wine Terms Made Easy

Wine Terms Made Easy

Abboccato – Medium-sweet and full bodied Amabile – Medium-sweet Annata – Vintage Azienda (or Casa) agricola – An estate that uses its own grapes in production of its wines Azienda (or Casa) vinicola – A producer who buys in and vinifies, usually a large scale operation Azienda (or Casa) vitivinicola – An … Read more

Super Tuscans

Simply put, Super Tuscans are the premium wines of the IGT classification. As with most great wine classifications, there’s much more to the story. Originally, the term “Super Tuscan” referred to any Tuscan red wine that did not adhere to traditional regional blending laws. Unlike the traditional Toscanas, Super Tuscans blended with … Read more

Reading the Label

The most important thing to remember when reading an Italian wine label is to not panic. Most labels are getting easier to read but there are still a lot out there that are totally and completely confusing. But rest assured – there are a few things you can use to navigate through … Read more

What is a Chianti?

Chianti is no longer just a red table wine found in a straw basket. With lands covering 1.2 million acres and nearly a third of Tuscany, this winegrowing area has been officially named the ‘big elephant.’ The rolling green hills in Chianti produces wines of different quality and taste, with variations of … Read more

Mormoreto – Super Tuscan wine

Mormoreto - Super Tuscan wine

Another section of the estate is also bottled separately, the Mormoreto vineyard, which is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. It is a big, serious and richly textured wine with beautiful purity of fruitWruly worthy of the separate bottling. The 2003 vintage is 60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 15% … Read more

Wine Tasting Terms

Wine Tasting Terms

Basic Terms Acidity: Describes a tart or sour taste in the mouth when total acidity of the wine is high. Aftertaste: The taste or flavors that linger in the mouth after the wine is tasted. May be “harsh”, “hot”, “soft”, “lingering”, “short”, “smooth”, or nonexistent. See also “Finish”. Aroma: Refers to the … Read more