Basics of Wine Storage | Keeping Fine Wines Safe

Basics of Wine Storage - Keeping Fine Wines Safe

How long will this last? What is the life expectancy of red wine? Is it even possible for me to store opened red wine? These are the kinds of questions that every wine lover has had to ask themselves at some point in their lives. It was ordering and saving for me. … Read more

Desserts That Are Easy to Make for Your Next Picnic

Table view served with beautiful vintage wine glasses, plates, silver cutlery and tableware, tablecloth, sweet cherry pie and fresh cherries still life. Homemade baking and recipes illustration.

It’s officially picnic season, and no alfresco feast would be complete without a sweet treat at the end, whether it’s a hiking picnic, a large picnic gathering, or even a simple afternoon tea picnic. It could be a picnic for two or bringing the kids or a large gathering of family or … Read more

What to Serve with Tuscan Meat Sauce

classic italian bolognese sauce

Ragù di Carne is the traditional Italian meat sauce, and while there are many regional variations, this one has a Tuscan twist. It begins with most good Italian sauces, with an Italian soffritto—finely chopped carrot, celery, and onion sautéed in olive oil—which is similar to the French mirepoix. An authentic Italian-style ragù, … Read more

Bread to Use When Fixing an Italian Ham and Cheese Sandwich

a close up of a ham and cheese sandwich

While touring and traveling through the lovely country of Italy, you may notice the wide variety of Italian sandwich bread available.  When most folks think of Italian cuisine, they immediately think of various types of pizza and pasta.  However, Italy is also a bread-making country. Bread, like Italian pasta, is made in … Read more

How to Make Homemade Italian Wine

a wine bottle surrounded by grapes, roses, and several fruits on a brown wooden surface

Making wine at home is a dying art. Decades ago, most Italian immigrants living in the city’s Little Italy sections would expertly create their wines based on recipes left behind by their forefathers. Now, only a few families still make their wines, and sadly, many of the old-timers have passed away, and … Read more

Herbs to Add to Homemade Herbs and Cheese Bread

different types of herbs in small bottles, herbs in small bowls

Using a variety of herbs to flavor home-baked bread is a great way of adding flavor. There are many possibilities and inspiring recipes if you want to use up extra rosemary or basil before it loses flavor. When stocking your pantry, try to buy only items you know you’ll use. Herbs are … Read more

What Are the Different Type of Italian Sausages?

There are numerous varieties of Italian sausage, and what distinguishes them from several other sausages is the seasoning. Typically, fennel is what differentiates an Italian sausage from others. This is a licorice-scented herb, which provides the sausage its distinct flavor. The following are the different types of Italian sausage: Salamella Salamella is … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Pasta?

Chef making pasta

Despite its simplicity and ease of preparation, the seemingly endless varieties of pasta available on the market today can make you dizzy. So, before you go crazy with the flavors and finishing touches, you should first learn a little about the different sorts of pasta shapes. There are various kinds of pasta. … Read more