Pepperoni Pizza Did Not Originate in Italy

thin pepperoni pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, especially in Italy. Among the many varieties and flavors of pizza, pepperoni is one that most people order. But did you know that pepperoni pizza did not originate from Italy? Pizza in Italy is not like the pizza enjoyed in the United States. They … Read more

A Guide to Accasciato

Italian cheeses on display on a wood rack

There are many varieties of cheeses, but there are even more lesser-known varieties of cheeses found in different regions of the world. If you’re looking for a rare type of real Italian cheese, you can get to know accasciato. What is Accasciato Cheese? Accasciato is a rich, creamy and luscious cheese made from the mixture … Read more

What is Pecorino Romano Cheese?

Pecorino Romano cheese is a hard type of cheese that is most prevalent in the country of Italy, in the South and Central parts. The name suggests that it came from Rome, which is true since it originated in the Lazio region, which Rome is the capital of.

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Provolone (proh-voh-LOH-nee) is a semi-hard hazelnut colored cheese you?ve probably enjoyed on sandwiches like those fantastic Italian submarines. But have you paired this cheese with wine? Magnificent! Provolone is made in a myriad of traditional shapes such as cylinders, pears, spheres, cones and even watermelons. You?ve likely seen them hanging from the ceiling at Italian … Read more

Pairing Food with Wine

Pairing Food with Wine

When pairing food with wine it is important to think about the act itself – what makes a pair? Sometimes opposites attract, but not always with wine and cuisine. You can find surprise yourself by mixing it up, but the most import base to pair with is always FLAVOR. It’s important to remember to always … Read more

Italian Cheeses

Italy’s cheeses, like it’s people, are regionally diverse. Each region is prone to using the local cheese in cooking and serving. Tuscany’s Cheese In Tuscany, the local cheese is Pecorino Toscano. Pecorino is the general Italian term for a sheep’s cheese, and the Pecorino Toscano DOC is the cheese of Tuscany – 100% sheep’s milk, … Read more