What Are the Different Type of Italian Sausages?

There are numerous varieties of Italian sausage, and what distinguishes them from several other sausages is the seasoning. Typically, fennel is what differentiates an Italian sausage from others. This is a licorice-scented herb, which provides the sausage its distinct flavor. The following are the different types of Italian sausage: Salamella Salamella is … Read more

What Are the Different Types of Pasta?

lasagne dish on a plate

Despite its simplicity and ease of preparation, the seemingly endless varieties of pasta available on the market today can make you dizzy. So before you go crazy with the flavors and finishing touches, you should first learn a little about the different sorts of pasta shapes. There are various kinds of pasta. … Read more

What Cheeses Go Best With Chicken?

different types of cheese

Certain meats and cheese suit each other more than others, much as wine and cheese do. Chicken or poultry is a highly versatile meat that goes well with any cheese. Due to the rather bland flavor of the chicken, complementing dishes with melty, rich, and creamy cheese could work wonders. Because there … Read more

Great Italian Desserts that Include Strawberries

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Strawberries are one of the summer’s fabulous jewels, beloved by cooks for their luscious sweetness and vibrant scarlet color. Italian marketplaces are flooded with ripe strawberries between May and September, with many a punnet finding its way into delectable summer recipes. Strawberries, in particular, lend themselves wonderfully to desserts, and their adaptability … Read more

Pepperoni Pizza Did Not Originate in Italy

thin pepperoni pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world, especially in Italy. Among the many varieties and flavors of pizza, pepperoni is one that most people order. But did you know that pepperoni pizza did not originate from Italy? Pizza in Italy is not like the pizza enjoyed in the … Read more

Do Strawberries Go Well With Cheese?


One of the many questions cheesemongers get from customers is what fruit goes well with cheese. Some are also curious if cheese and strawberries go together. If you are one of these people, chances are you love cheese and strawberries individually but would like to try if the two go well like … Read more

A Guide to Accasciato

Italian cheeses on display on a wood rack

There are many varieties of cheeses, but there are even more lesser-known varieties of cheeses found in different regions of the world. If you’re looking for a rare type of real Italian cheese, you can get to know accasciato. What is Accasciato Cheese? Accasciato is a rich, creamy and luscious cheese made … Read more

What is Pecorino Romano Cheese?

Pecorino Romano cheese is a hard type of cheese that is most prevalent in the country of Italy, in the South and Central parts. The name suggests that it came from Rome, which is true since it originated in the Lazio region, which Rome is the capital of.

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Provolone (proh-voh-LOH-nee) is a semi-hard hazelnut colored cheese you?ve probably enjoyed on sandwiches like those fantastic Italian submarines. But have you paired this cheese with wine? Magnificent! Provolone is made in a myriad of traditional shapes such as cylinders, pears, spheres, cones and even watermelons. You?ve likely seen them hanging from the … Read more