What Famous Movies Are Set in Tuscany?

Tuscany landscape, hills, trees, houses, roads, bushes, fields

Tuscany has long been an ideal location for films of all genres. Its diverse settings, ranging from mountain to sea, can be the perfect setting for any scene. Indeed, this region has inspired – and continues to inspire – brilliant directors from all over the world. Here are nine well-known films set … Read more

What Famous People Come From Tuscany?

Many people consider Tuscany to be Italy’s cultural capital. It’s located on the west coast of Central Italy and home to major cities like Pisa, Florence, and Siena, which were at the forefront of medieval architecture and Renaissance art in the country. Much of Tuscany’s history can still be seen today, making … Read more

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Tuscany?

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Tuscany is famous for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, artistic heritage, and cultural influence. It is known as the home of the Italian Renaissance, and in fact, many prominent people in the history of arts and sciences came from Tuscany. Aside from these, you may also find renowned museums like the Uffizi and the Palazzo Pitti … Read more

Events in Tuscany

Events in Tuscany

Many events in Tuscany are seasonal, and most take place during the summer months. Food festivals, which often feature local specialties such as truffles, olive oil, and regional wines, are especially enticing and begin in early summer and continue on into the fall. Many other events attract visitors and locals alike. Operas … Read more

Frescobaldi Wine Bar

Italians understand the chemistry between wine and food, and the Frescobaldis are certainly no exception. One wine can express numerous personalities when paired with different foods. The Frescobaldi Wine Bar, located in the heart of Florence? historical district, is a great place to fully appreciate the characteristics and depth of all the … Read more

Tuscany Tips

  Tuscany is a land filled with charm. Whether you?e walking through a vineyard in Chianti, experiencing the wonderful energy of Florence, or basking peacefully in the famous Tuscan sun?ou are certain to be in a world far away from it all. ?uscany Tonight?helps you get one step closer to those cypress … Read more

History of Tuscany

Tuscany gained preeminence during and still owes much of its renown to the reign of the Medici and their patronage of the arts. Their effect on the region made Tuscany the cultural mecca it is today. Natural beauty also contributes to the region? allure. Lined by the Apennine Mountains, the Apuan Alps, … Read more

Places to Visit


Tuscany’s beautiful landscapes and culture offers the ultimate travel experience. With so many things to see and do, we’ve narrowed down the list to 10 of our favored places to visit. Florence The jewel of Tuscan cities, Florence boasts the Uffizi gallery, which houses such classics as Michelangelo? David and Botticelli? Venus. … Read more