Decorating Tips for a Wine Tasting Party

A wine tasting party is a pleasant and festive way of gathering your friends. Because wine is your highlight, use it to plan your party’s decorations. For example, you may choose a theme for your party depending on the area of wines you’ve picked and include that region in your decorations. Add wine charms that you may buy or make for each individual, and don’t forget the essentials like pens and paper, spit buckets, and of course, wine glasses.

Keep the Setting in Mind When Decorating

The setting of the tasting party may also have an impact on how you decorate. For example, if you have it in your backyard, you could want to go with a garden party theme, complete with brightly colored lanterns, floating candles, and fresh flowers. If you’re en route to a winery in the country, you might want to use chalkboards, bandanas as napkins, and mason jars as wine glasses.

Try fresh flowers, crystal or glass candle holders with taper candles, and white tablecloths if you’re hosting at a more expensive venue.

If you have it in your dining room, try a more casual look by using small unscented candles, festive, colorful dishes, and baskets of crackers or bread.

Choose a Theme To Achieve Coherence

Choose a specific theme to make planning and decorating easier. You may, for example, select a particular region, such as wines from southern France or even wines within your region. You might even concentrate on one variety of wines, such as all Chardonnay or Merlot. 

Another approach is to select wines that go well with specific foods (like chocolate or cheese). For example, if you choose local wines in Texas, you could utilize coasters or plates shaped like the state.

If you choose a food theme, like chocolate, you may design coasters that resemble chocolate bars and incorporate metallic decorations (for the wrappers).

Include a Color Scheme

Starting with the color of your wine is a terrific method to choose a color scheme. For example, if you begin with a Merlot, you already have one of your hues; choose another hue to match, and you’re done. Purchase items in those hues, such as napkins, flowers, tiny plates, and other accessories.

If you want to go with a regional theme, try decorating with the colors of that state or country, such as red, white, and blue for a French region.

If you’re going with a culinary theme, like chocolate, begin with a dark brown and match it with the color of the wine.

Lighting Can Help to Enhance the Mood

two glasses of wine, candles, table, tree

Lighting is critical for creating the desired atmosphere. If you’re sitting outside in the evening, add a touch of whimsy with strings of lanterns or lights, or arrange torches around the seating area. Candles on the table create an atmosphere both outside and indoors. Soft illumination from candles and lamps can produce a more intimate, festive atmosphere inside.

Make Use of the Season in Your Décor

Decorating with the season is usually a safe bet. In the fall, try leaves, pumpkins, cranberries, and gourds. Try pine branches, tinsel, cranberries, and pinecones in the winter. 

Consider fresh grass containers and vibrant flowers for spring. In the summer, use miniature umbrellas, bright colors, flowers, and trays of fresh fruit to create a more playful atmosphere.

Use large bowls or vases to display seasonal objects. You may even arrange them in a lovely pattern on a runner or tablecloth. You can also use sparkling lights to provide atmosphere at any time of year.

Make Use of Old Wine Bottles as Decorations

For example, you may use wine bottles to carry small taper candles or house a tiny bunch of flowers. Alternatively, place a small photo frame on a wine bottle with anything related to your party’s theme.

Wrap wine bottles with yarn or hemp to make a colorful centerpiece. Begin at the underside and work your way up; glue it on as you wrap it across the bottle, covering the glass.

Remove the labels from little wine bottles and plaster each guest’s name on a bottle as a place marker at the table.

Decorate the Area Surrounding the Wine

upside-down wine glasses

You can also choose decorations based on the type of wine. For example, you could scatter cork coasters, fresh grapes, and wreaths made of imitation grapes and plants.

Make the wine the focal point of the table. Because the wine is the highlight of the gathering, make it the centerpiece. If your guests will be mingling while tasting, position them on their table or multiple small tables if you have a large group. If you’re tasting at a table, set the bottles on a nice stand in the center.

Use Wine Corks to Support Food Labels

You may use used wine corks as label holders for the food if you have any lying around. To make a flat edge for the table, cut it down on one side lengthwise. After that, make a small slit in the top and slide a card with a label on it.

Using Wine Charms to Decorate the Glasses

Buy wine charms to add clarity and flair to your party. If you’re planning a specific theme, consider purchasing charms in that theme. There are numerous alternatives for beaded charms, for example, that guests can attach to their glasses to identify them from other guests’ glasses.

You may also make your personal beaded wine charms via stringing purchased charms on earrings or wine charm hoops that are also available online.