How to Find Right Canvas Prints for Your Room

Wall hanging and wall art works as one of the best wall decors for any home. It adds a unique interest and charm to your rooms.

Not only does wall art add freshness to your space, but it instantly upgrades the rooms. With various options of choosing wall art, selecting the right canvas prints for a room can be confusing.

Here are some tips that will help you select the right and trending piece of art for your rooms.

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Pick Wall Art According to Room’s Color Scheme

The first step for selecting the right canvas art is understanding a room’s color scheme and artwork. The basic rule is to pick wall art matching the room without drawing away from the other design elements.

Suppose you feel that your room is full of neutral colors and sleek lines. Then, pick a canvas print that can bring a pop of colors into space. It will be a perfect selection to fill dull walls.

On the other hand, if your room is full of colors like Middle Eastern Style, add a canvas print with minimal colors. It will help you to provide a wonderful break in your room.

While purchasing wall art in the market, make sure to bring some color samples of your room. It will allow you to look for exact colors and ensure that shades will not clash when you display art pieces on the wall.

Choose Wall Art According to Theme

There are different styles of art that you can display on the walls, such as flowers, landscapes, abstracts, etc. So, while choosing artworks, you need to ensure that the print style will not clash with a room theme.

For example, pop art will not work well in your study room, or the lighthouse landscape does not complement an Asian look. Maybe you like any art piece too much; if that artwork does not match your interiors, do not purchase it.

Match the Art Wok to Room’s Wall

While hanging the canvas print, the wall where you want to display the artwork plays an important role. So, first, take an adhesive tape and get the proper dimensions of the vertical space you want to fill.

After taking the dimensions, you will have an idea of a canvas piece that will suit the wall. Also, ensure that artwork matches the wall size.

One of the worst scenarios is when you purchase a piece that is too big, but space is not enough to hang it. Or sometimes, you have an entire wall blank, but your wall art is too small.

It will look lost in the middle of the vertical space. So, while going to a store, take the proper measurements to purchase the best fit.

Select the Art style of your Choice

Match the Art Wok to Room’s Wall

The style of wall art differs with each room design and individual preferences. Therefore, when you go shopping to the market to purchase a canvas print, you must have proper style awareness.

You can create a statement with large canvas art, but it is not the only way to go. Panels are an excellent way to fill your room, and it makes the room eye-catching by breaking a standard pattern.

While producing artwork in panels, use wall art properly as most landscape prints do not work well with panels. But if you have already selected landscape prints, use canvas art side to side. Do not use them top to bottom.

In addition, use a rule of three for larger canvas panels. If you are decorating the large vertical space, you can use more than three. Before hanging, look at the art pieces thoughtfully and decide how to display them on a wall.

DIY Wall Art

Sometimes, you can not find wall art as per your preferences. So, no need to worry. Instead, create an art piece yourself. Most artists purchase a blank canvas and make a masterpiece by reflecting their style or personality.

Similarly, get an empty canvas and let your inner creativity flow. But make sure that canvas is of the right size, then only start painting.  Even when you are not very good at art, get customized a canvas print by pitching your own design.

Final Thoughts

Canvas prints can bring elegance and sophistication to the interiors of your home. Whether it is on oil painting purchased from the market or custom-made canvas, it will give a modern enhancement to the room décor.

In addition, you will feel joy and satisfaction when you look at art canvas art hanging on the wall.