Pizza and Wine

From Barrie Lynn, The Cheese Impresario

I grew up in New Jersey in a small town that had an amazing authentic Italian bakery right near our home. This strong visceral connection to my hometown bakery is because they made fresh pizzas that seemed as if they were handcrafted in Italy. In those days we’d go down into my friend?s cellar where her Grandfather made his own red wine. We were allowed to take a sip with the mind-blowing pizza from the bakery. So, that’s where my love for pizza paired with red wine began.

In the Pizza & Wine section for Tuscany Tonight, I’ll be bringing you easy pizza-making ideas, recipes and suggesting Frescobaldi Italian wine pairings to share with your friends and family. You may even become famous with your guests as you hone your pizza-making skills and are able to serve great wines for this phenomenal pairing.


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