Risotto Rucola and Shrimp

Serves 4

10 ounces yellow rice parboiled
4.25 cups fish broth
8.8 ounces shelled shrimp
1/2 ounces butter
3.4 fl oz. dry white wine
3 rucola clusters
salt and pepper

Boil water with celery, carrots, cloves, lemon peel, fishbones and shrimp heads. Cook slowly to avoid overly condensing the broth for 2 hours and strain everything through a metal sieve with a thick mesh. In the meanwhile toast the rice adjusting it with dry white wine. Add the cleaned shrimp halfway through the cooking of the rice and pour in the broth gradually, cooking for 12 minutes. When ready add the rucola and parsley and let cool for 2 minutes.