Top 8 Most Beautiful Vineyards in Italy

Italy is popular as home to some of the finest wines in the world. The country has over 1.5 million acres of vineyards as well as over 250 varietals.

The nation’s quality wine heritage has been as far back as two thousand years. Italy currently has up to twenty wine regions, each with its own uniqueness. These rich wine areas spread across the whole Mediterranean peninsula.

Best Wine Regions in Italy

Italy has a lot of rich wine areas but some have stood out because of the quality of wine they produce. You can find some of the best wine brands in these areas.


For thousands of years, Marche is known for making some of the finest wines. The wine region has been influenced by Etruscans, Lombards, and Romans. The wine culture here shows the depth of the vinicultural tradition as well as the several styles of wines within the area.

Located in the Eastern part of Central Italy, Marche covers over twenty-five thousand hectares. Even though Marche is among the best regions, it’s the least popular. In Marche, the annual production of wine is over two million hectoliters.


This amazing wine area is well popular for sparkling Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay, and Pinot Nero. One of the reasons why Lombardia is a great area for making sparkling wines is the presence of the cool Alpine lakes.

Among the best and the most beautiful wines from Lombardia is Franciacorta – it’s made from a mixture of Pinot Bianco, Pinot Nero, and Chardonnay. This is the same fashion as Champagne. There are also some Verdicchio and Nebbiolo wines produced in this region.


Most popular as Apulia, Puglia is situated on the South-East edge of the Italian promontory. It has the environment and soil conditions that change from North to South. Puglia is partitioned into 3 distinct regions and it is a heaven for lovers of nature.

In any case, it is less touristy making it an extraordinary spot to visit, especially during the height of tourism in Italy. At the point when you tour this region, attempt to taste the Impigno or a Salmon-toned rosé. Bari, the capital of Puglia, also has a lot of fun to offer. Rich in history, it also has stunning seashores and it is one of the most amazing wine areas in Italy.


Basilicata is situated in the Southern locale of Italy. It is known for its extraordinary Greek viticultural legacy. Basilicata was the Greeks that first presented grape plantations around the region. Today, it still appreciates the Balkan breeze and adequate daylight, which at first encouraged the first vignerons to live there.

In Basilicata are dazzling parks, rich foods, and incredible seashores which draw in travelers from all over the world. Also, you may partake in a cavern stay in Basilicata. Whenever on a tour here, enjoy Malvasia or Aglianico.


Lazio is known for the volcanic soils which are great for farming Italian grapes. It is a direct result of this soil that grapes get the right blend of corrosiveness. The region likewise has a cool ocean breeze and stunning seashores.

Some of the best wine productions from Lazio include sparkling Trebbiano and Malvasia di Candia. You can try them whenever on a visit.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

This wine area is more popular for Pinot Grigio. Here, there are wide scopes of different grapes. However, most of the production centers around white wines – especially Friulano, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Ribolla Gialla. On the other hand, Schioppettino, Refosco, Merlot and are often grown for red wines.

In Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the Pinot Grigio wines are noted for their extreme flavors. Sauvignon Blanc, it’s perfect for a substantial person. The Merlot is exquisite and popular for its umami.


Calabria is situated between the Tyrrhenian oceans (in Southern Italy) and the Ionian. It has seen different viticultural impacts over the course of the last hundreds of years. Everything started with the Greeks who laid out grape plantations there. This region is likewise popular for the production of citrus and olives.

The amazing wine region is the least visited locale in Italy. This alone should be a good reason you want to add the region to your agenda. It is a culinary diamond you could have never discovered, so much fun to explore here. Calabria has differentiating climate and temperature that give various flavors – from one grape plantation to the other.


Here comes another amazing waterfront district – as Liguria runs on the Mediterranean coast.  This area is isolated into two areas by the Riveria. However, it is quite difficult to grow grapes in Liguria. However, there are numerous grape plantations that are overseen by distinctive makers.

They grow Italian wine grapes on porches. If you love white wines, then try Vermentino while on a tour. You may also attempt the spicy Rossese.


Italy is blessed with varieties of amazing vineyards. The productions also stand out across the world. A tour to any of these wine areas leaves you wanting more. Finally, visit to learn about Italian wines.