What will the casino of the future look like?

The East Coast Gaming Congress (ECGC) took place in Atlantic City in the middle of last week. At the largest US gaming conference outside Nevada, according to the organisers, industry representatives also discussed the terrestrial casino of the future. This would have to face the increasingly strong market power of online providers.

There was consensus among the participants that the gambling-establishment floors of the future would have to change their faces to remain competitive. However, the design of the gaming rooms has hardly changed in the past sixty years, says the statement on https://canadianbullrun.com/.

Smartphone hands

Colourful flashing slot machines and large areas with gaming tables still dominate the image of most casinos. However, to continue to attract wealthy visitors, new ideas are needed.

It is primarily the youth who disdain the old design and prefer other forms of entertainment. However, young players are essential to remaining competitive against online games.

The answer to the right strategy is the big question driving casino operators for a long time. In the past, new solutions have been used to attract younger customers.

Are E-sports and sports betting – the solution?

Two trends that determined the future for casinos were e-sports and sports betting, which was legalised in more and more US states. They are ideally suited to attract younger players, according to gambling experts.

This development was confirmed by Robert Heller, CEO of the sports betting service provider Spectrum Gaming Capital:

“We believe that e-sports is the next big thing. Every casino company I’ve spoken to is interested”.

E-sports already have a greater significance for many than television or cinema. At the same time, casinos could create an offer with e-sports betting that is ideally tailored to this target group.

According to Ari Fox, co-CEO of the gaming developer Gameacon, it is always important to convey that this offer is made especially for them. In addition, this mixture of gaming and gambling must be communicated as a form of entertainment that “their parents did not make”.

Whether smoking will still be allowed on the casino floor of the future is anything but certain. Casinos in the USA are among the last areas where tobacco enjoyment is still possible in many cases without disturbance. However, this is coming under increasing criticism from anti-tobacco organisations, politicians, and casino employees. Therefore, it was no coincidence that casino workers demonstrated stricter anti-smoking measures outside Harrah’s Atlantic City during the conference.

Even though casinos generate a large part of their income from gaming tables and machines, the additional entertainment and gastronomy offered by the establishments is of utmost importance—the reason: younger people in particular often change their activities.

After gambling or placing bets, casino managers hope they will flock to the restaurants and cafés of the resorts to spend time with friends. Therefore, an attractive offer in this area is an inseparable part of shaping the casino of the future.